Tuesday Carpool

Yesterday was great! Finally getting it. It's slow going but slow and steady...wins the race? Great, I'm a turtle.

Today was Tuesday Carpool. We were all a little tired this morning. Carpool days are going to be a little tight as I'm going to have to be dressed and ready before I start chauffeuring these kids around. Last week was Spring Break. Seems like everybody enjoyed a relaxing week with entirely too much time on their hands with nowhere to go. Thanks a lot Bin Laden! :)

Me: What did everybody do over Spring Break?

M2: We had a staycation. We technically had a vacation when we went on our cruise so we did absolutely nothing.

Me: Well, that's okay. We didn't do anything special either except watch a couple movies at the theatre.

E: I hung out with you guys all week...remember?

Me: Yes E, I found it hard to believe that even a Spring Break can't get rid of ya.

E: I watched some movies too. My mom got Netflix and made us watch a bunch of movies she used to watch as a kid.

Me: Like what? (I imagined like Sixteen Candles or Breakfast Club. E's mom and I are almost the same age.)

E: The Muppets. Clash of the Titans, the lame one.

Me: The lame one?? Oh E, that one ROCKED! They used ketchup for blood! The special effects were stellar considering how back in the day it was. And The Muppets were exactly what I used to watch on Sunday nights. I'm sure the Bishop would approve.

E: I wanna watch the new one.

Me: They've got a new Muppets movie?

E: Um....seriously, the Muppets are lame Miss Jean.

Me: You're lame!

E: Good comeback. The only good thing about the Muppets was seeing Miss Piggy in a tube top. Question?

Me: Don't even say it.

E: Miss Piggy was your favorite huh?

Me: Miss Piggy ROCKED!

E: Don't tell him I said this but Conrad will always be Kermit the Frog to me now.

Me: Ima tell him you said that.

E: It was nice knowing you guys.

But seriously, The Muppets kicked ass. So does my husband, so say goodbye to E!

Oh Kermie! :)

If I've offended you or expressed anything you don't agree with, don't worry, I'll probably do it again.

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  1. The Muppets do rock. I heard they're remaking it. The plot is sort of like "The Blues Brothers" where someone for whatever reason has to get the Muppets back together. They're also remaking the Smurfs. When they start remaking the Snorks and Fraggle Rock that's when this will have officially gone waaaaaay too far.