I'm more gullible now than I ever was

I have this cold from hell that everybody seems to be suffering from. I felt a little better yesterday but woke up today with about 10 bricks in my chest.

Tuesday carpool today! Enjoy!

Me: Ugh, I've had this damn sneeze stuck in my brain for over an hour. It. Just. Won't. Come. Out.

E: Say Pineapple-wingnut-nimnuts! It works everytime!

Me: ::long pause:: No.

E: Why not?

Me: Because you just want me to say something stupid. I'm NOT falling for it.

E: I'm hurt that you would think I would do that to you. It works. Something about the tongue at the roof of your mouth stops the sneezing sensation.

Me: Why can't I just put my tongue on the roof of my mouth then?

E: It's how often you put it there. It's like a combination to a padlock. It's up to you. You either say something that sounds stupid or look like you have a feather stuck up your butt.

Me: ::sigh:: Pineapple-wingnut-nimnuts.

E: ::snort:: (He truly snorted too) Nope! Now you sound AND look crazy.

Me: I hate chu!

Have a nice day everybody! I still have to sneeze.

If I've offended you or expressed anything you don't agree with, don't worry, I'll probably do it again.

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