Kids these days!

There's this email that's been going around forever about how kids these days don't know how "good" they have it. You know the one? We had to blow on our video cartridges to get them to work. Cell phones were unspeakable for anybody under the age of 30. Beepers were the thing to have. Yah, that one.

Last night, my older daughter had a choir performance. She did great by the way. It was a musical named, A Kid's Life. Picture it. The lights went out and technology was gone. ((GASP!))

It made me think of how adults would panic as well if we lost technology. I start shaking like a crack addict if my Internet is down. And good lord, if my phone has no bars? Yah, I feel naked. I'm not embarrassed by that though. I lived through the days when caller ID was unheard of. You had to pick that phone up to see who it was. Busy signals? Yah, we had to call back. I paid my dues. I deserve the luxuries of this century. We all do. Do the kids these days though?


Do we allow them to enjoy the luxuries?


Spoiled brats, I tell ya! But therein lies the problem. I couldn't imagine not being able to get a hold of my daughter when I couldn't find her. What did my own mother do when I was out playing or venturing off out of site? How did she do it? I embrace technology. I love the fact that my kids can spend all day on the computer or pushing the screens of their iTouch or iPod. As long as they aren't saying the annoying words of, "I'm bored!" If I ever said that when I was a kid, my dad would've kicked my skinny little butt.

Of course, I was never bored as a kid. I actually went outside to play from sun up to sun down.

Friday carpool today!

E: You guys are boring this morning.

Me: I'm just a circus monkey to you, aren't I E?

E: A circus monkey? Nah, but seeing as three out of the four people in this car are playing with their iPhone's and iTouch's...I've got nothing to do.

Me: Don't hate E. You'll get one someday. I mean, making 20 cents a day....what are you up to now? $16.40?

E: Funny! How many tube tops can you get with $16.40? Like 20?

Me: I wish! But lemme check my iPhone for possible sales. Gimme a minute.

E: I hate you and your iPhone too.

Ah, technology. It truly rocks! :)

If I've offended you or expressed anything you don't agree with, don't worry, I'll probably do it again.


  1. When the power goes out what I really miss are the fridge, stove, lights, and AC/heater.

  2. Yah, that's "old school" though. I'm so spoiled, I thought I was trapped in my house because I couldn't get the garage door opener to work. It took me 4 hours before I realized what that bright red string was for. :)