Goth Princess

It said brown and came out black.

What am I talking about? My hair. I only work four hours today but it's just enough time for people to notice and wonder what was I thinking? My only defense is Goth Princesses don't wear red and khaki.

The good news is my gray is completely gone and my striking black hair pulls anybodies attention away from the zit on my cheek. That's another thing! What the hell is up with adult acne? When I was in high school, I never got a zit or pimple. You can hate me but you can also laugh at me because now I'm getting them. But seriously, what the hell?

I'm a pretty hot 35 year old. I'm probably at my best these days and karma has bitten me on the cheeks and chin. Thanks karma, 'preciate it! Not only have you given me a child that is my exact replica in all aspects of life, you've turned me into a 35 year old pimple popping geek.


I'm a busy girl tonight. I have to do the soccer mom thing and help my mom pack some more boxes. K was invited by the high school girl's soccer team to be the ballgirl for their 3rd round championship game. So excited! K is my soccer star. My little mini-me has gotten her daddy's athletic abilities too. I can't claim that. My only athleticism was tee-ball where I actually struck out, (true story) and 8th grade basketball where our only win was a forfeit. I was more of a watcher. Either that or I just wanted to smoke a joint under the bleachers. Shoot me, I was a teenager.

So on this Thursday, let's figure out how to make it through the day and finally get to Friday. My Friday will be my first lone technician duty. Just me and a pharmacist. Eeeeeek! On second thought, let's try to slow this day down so Friday will never get here. Have a great day!

If I've offended you or expressed anything you don't agree with, don't worry, I'll probably do it again.


  1. Haha! This is great! I purposely dyed my hair, ehem, um, dark brown ;0) recently. In H.S. and life I've always had to "pretend" I wasn't Goth on the outside like I was on the inside. Sheesh! It was no fun! I lightened my hair with highlights for years, until now. And how liberated I feel! And good gawd! These zits! Just hit 35 a couple weeks ago and bam! It's like all these new planets are showing up on my face to connect with my world. Go away! I don't need anything NEW going on, especially NEW neusances like zits. I did buy some Clean & Clean, felt quite like a teenager I might say. Oh, and with that, anti-wrinkly cream! Cannot pass that up these days! Keep the blogs a commin' and enjoy your hott Goth mama self! xoxo

  2. At least your hair isn't falling out, so be grateful for small favors.