I was running late this morning....:/

Of all days to have a midnight storm and a vibrating dog....it's the day of a MONDAY! Seriously, my dog vibrates. And luckily, she crawls in your lap. ::evil grin:: But if it's 3am in the morning....GET OFF OF ME!!!!

So, it wasn't a very restful night. I managed to scream and yell at my kids to the point of them vibrating, but we got off to school and work on time.

I walked into work and I swear to god, it was a freaking mess. The weekend pharmacist, who was also the Monday pharmacist, still had auto-fills from the weekend to do. Add the 60 autofills from this morning and she was already 100+ prescriptions behind from filling. I downed my Red Bull and never looked at the clock. There was so much shit upon shit to do that it took most of my morning to finally get to the regular shit I had to do.

I love days like that. It zipped right to lunch time and never slowed down. I was the envy with my new scrub top. Red of course....with pockets. I love my pockets. I couldn't keep my hands out of them. When I left work tonight, I had 5 pens in em. By Thursday, I'll probably had tripled that.

My husband greeted me with a homemade dinner and brand new fuzzy slippers. Oh....and he cleaned the bathroom too! Man oh man, it's like freaking Christmas morning on this Monday evening. And before any of you think, he's not looking for anything in return. I pretty much kicked ass this weekend taking care of the kids and keeping them out of his hair while he worked and rested....I totally deserved this. It's a give, give here. I promised him some Chicken Spaghetti on Friday and he offered to take Thursday and Friday off to spend time with us. Give/Give. :)

So tomorrow, I'm prolly gonna walk into another mess or a mess that's about to happen. The relief pharmacist has a "system" that sucks. Basically it's double the work and not really productive. I do have to give him one thing....when none of the technicians moved to help a customer....his ass gets there in a timely manner. Good boy Tim. Good boy. Now shut up and get off my computer terminal!

Hope you all had a great Monday! I know I'm glad mine is over....it's barely 7:30pm and I'm already in my PJ's, wrapped in a blanket and drifting off to sleep. Damn, I'm gooooooooood.

If I've offended you or expressed anything you don't agree with, don't worry, I'll probably do it again.


TGI.....Three day weekend!

There is absolutely nothing to do this weekend. No soccer games, No Steelers football. What am I going to do besides sit on my ass all weekend?

So yesterday, Dennis Hopper must've took some meds. I swear the guy is bi-polar or something. From the minute I walked in, he was on this kick. What was the kick?

"Can you take care of this Jean? Obviously, you're the only one who actually can."

"I always know when you're working with me, things are going to be done right."

"It's the A-team when it's you and I, it's the only thing that made this 12-hour day bearable."


Seriously, on Monday the guy pretty much called me an idiot every 15 minutes. What the hell? And lemme get this out, all those things are NOT true. I work with very good people. They are really good at their jobs. When they walk in, it's like the sun finally came out, the birds started singing. When you're at work by yourself for 5 hours, the afternoon sunshine is like my breath of fresh air.

I have no idea where this 180 degree attitude came from.

1) My friend might've mentioned something to him.
2) My thinking that I hid my annoyance was terribly, terribly wrong.
3) He really is bi-polar and finally filled that medication.

Either way you look at it, it was a great day. A fantastic end to an otherwise up and down week. Today was payday and like my fellow technician said, "It's already gone." I had plans for this paycheck and those plans have been paid for.

It's gonna be a hot one this weekend. You'll be happy to know that I didn't pack the tank tops or tube tops away yet. They will be probably making their final appearance this weekend. Have a great weekend and I'll see you on Monday. I'll be the one probably whining that it's Monday again. ;)

If I've offended you or expressed anything you don't agree with, don't worry, I'll probably do it again.


I. Don't. Care.

Every morning, I wake my kids up.....four times. I'm nice at first, I'm a little mean the second time, I'm really mean the third time and by the fourth time, I'm a raving lunatic. I'm not complaining, it's just what I do.

When they finally come stumbling out into the living room, they grab the remote and turn on TeenNick. Full House. Oh the going's on's with the Tanners. I used to love that show, at least until little Michelle turned into that awkward brat that wasn't cute anymore. I love Jesse and Rebecca though. Oh man, Sparkman would be loving me right now. (Inside joke)

So anywho, every commercial break is about Degrassi coming back. They try to make it all dramatic about how Degrassi has changed. No cell phones, no public displays of affection....blah, blah, blah. I. Don't. Care. For like 2 months, it's the same damn commercial and for 2 months, I haven't once given a shit. What the hell is Degrassi anyway? It sounds like a new pot I'd wanna smoke in a bong. I have a sinking feeling it's not though.

This is what my mornings are like though. I'm on a loop every day. It's the same thing every morning. You're jealous of my life, aren't you? ;)

It's technically my Friday. I have to work with Dennis Hopper all day today. I've heard he was in a mood yesterday and to tell you the truth, this morning I'm hoping he is in another mood. Cause I'm not and I plan on saying something if he even thinks about being an asshole. I had too good of a day yesterday to let him ruin my today. So bring it Dennis! I dare ya!

Have a great day everybody. Stay tuned if I'm still apart of the working class....

If I've offended you or expressed anything you don't agree with, don't worry, I'll probably do it again.


Day off! Day off! Day off!

Annnnnnnnnd I'm busy. My M has doctor's appointments all day today. She'll be poked and poked again....then probably bled dry. Poor baby.

So I had a much better day yesterday. I still felt sick so I guess the reason for all things shitty at work really is Dennis Hopper's fault. VINDICATED! Yah, vindicated and screwed. I did however find out that I'm really not the only one he picks on. There's this other technician. So I have somebody to whine with about it. My husband was very glad to hear that.....cause he's tired of listening to it.

I think his reasoning behind his exhaustion with my complaint is he knows I'm a bad ass. He knows I don't usually take shit from anybody. Yet, since March I have. I guess that's a good thing. He believes in me....but in a small way he's a little disappointed in me as well.

This is the guy that watched me tell a Kmart loss prevention "officer" who accused me of repricing an outfit, "You have a flashlight and a plastic badge with Kmart on it. I'm not even in my 20's and I'm still better than you." I swear I almost made him cry. The "officer" not my husband.

So anyway, today is my day off and I'm gonna do it right. I'm gonna spend the entire day with my oldest and try not to make her cry. I might pay some bills. I might go grocery shopping. But you can bet that whatever I do, it ain't gonna consist of counting pills or putting things in a prioritizer. Because THAT will be tomorrow when I work the entire day with Dennis Hopper.

Have a great Hump Day everybody! I'm wearing pants and a long-sleeve shirt. I almost shed a tear. I miss my tank tops and tube tops. :(

If I've offended you or expressed anything you don't agree with, don't worry, I'll probably do it again.


I am no Norma Rae....or whatever her name was.

You know? The lady that fought for union rights? Or was it just women's rights in the work place? Ah, forget it. The analogy is ruined since I have no idea who I'm analogizing.

Yesterday, I had visions of myself fighting for my rights to bitch slap my boss and quit. Granted, I was sick and very miserable so my vision was a little blurry but damn it would've been good. Stupid Sudafed slowed me down though. I did not quit. I instead came home and complained to my poor husband who in my opinion is sick of hearing about it.

"You've been saying the same thing since March. Either tell the prick to shove it or shut up about it."

He's totally right. I have been complaining about him since March. It's time to put up or shut up. The problem with me though, and it's quite an annoying problem actually, I tend to cry during confrontations. NOT because I'm a big baby and he's made me cry, but because that's just me. I get teary eyed, my voice starts to crack and it's humiliating. I do NOT want to cry in front of this man. He will NOT think he beat me to tears.

So what do I do?

And in my opinion, if even my own co-workers admit that he treats me differently, something is a little off in this situation. And what pisses me off more is he's asked if I was available for MORE hours!!! Um.....no. If you can't even admit to me and treat me with a tad bit more respect, why in thee hell would I do you any favors? But seriously, how does a girl, who cries when confronted or confronts, actually tell her boss that she thinks he's a real asshole? In a nice way of course.

Have a great Tuesday everybody! I have off tomorrow but will be jumping from doctor appointment to doctor appointment with M. And a better plus at my Tuesday??? I'm working with the other pharmacist today. Dennis Hopper will be nowhere in my area. :) Girls rule.

If I've offended you or expressed anything you don't agree with, don't worry, I'll probably do it again.

I'm just not feelin it....

I've got things to do but I can't seem to find the mojo to do it. And I'm not talking about the things I have to do. Work, family, friends. I can fulfill my obligations to them....it's the other stuff. The stuff that is me. The fun stuff. The writing. The finding something fun to do. The fun stuff.

I've been feeling this way for awhile. It's not because I'm a snot monster. This started happening long before that. It's not the summer is over blues. Although the chills I experience don't make me happy. I'm gonna miss my tube tops something fierce. It's not the daily grind of counting carbs and figuring out insulin units.

I think it's just I feel like a rubber band that's too weak to stretch anymore. I can't do it all. I've got too much responsibility. When I was younger, the only responsibility I had was myself. Today, I have way more than that and sometimes, I'm the one that gets neglected. And I'm not being selfish. I'm not asking for a vacation. I'm really just babbling.

But yesterday as I laid down feeling like crap, whimpering like a meth addict, I decided to suck it up. I rolled off the bed, wrapped in my blanket and crawled through the hallway. It seems that the lower on the ground I am, the dizziness didn't attack. I've never been one to ask for help. I can do it, I just prefer not to. I found my husband asleep on the couch with the Raider game on in the background. I tapped him on the shoulder.....a couple times. When he finally became aware of my presence, I finally said it.

"I need your help."

That's all I had to say too. I've seen the look before when asking for help and the look said, "Oh god, what now?" He didn't have that look on his face. He just looked at me. It was the look of I could ask him for anything and he'd do it. I have to admit, the urge to ask for something ridiculous crossed my mind but I refrained. I needed three things.

1) We need to be fed.

2) We need coffee creamer for the morning.

3) The stupid smoke alarm needs a battery.

And yes, he did every single one. They weren't hard to do. But the thing was, he did it because I actually asked for help. Normally my rant would be, "Why do I even have to ask?" But not today, I'm just glad I finally pulled my snotty head out of my ass and asked for help.

I'm tired of feeling like the "world" depends on my strength. I'm tired of making sure every particular piece of the puzzle is perfect. I'm just plain tired. I'm not the only person in this world of work, family and friends. I'm just one freaking person. I can't be the everything on the team and I won't be.

I'm gonna recognize when I need help and actually ask for it. I'm gonna appreciate that my husband isn't a complete moron like I act like he is.

So happy Monday, I'm crawling to work today with enough Sudafed in my system to clear out a river of snot. I left my husband asleep with some defrosting ground meat in the sink. I've requested sloppy joes tonight for dinner. See? Help. I ain't ashamed to admit that I can't do it all.

If I've offended you or expressed anything you don't agree with, don't worry, I'll probably do it again.