My Want List.

Wants and needs. Two very different words and even more difficult to decipher which is more important. It was a question my mom used to ask throughout my life.

"Do you need a beer or do you just want a beer?"

Nine times out of ten, I both wanted and needed the beer. When it comes to material things though, wants and needs get easier to identify. The importance of those two words can either put you in the poor house or in rehab. As an adult, we have the capacity to pick and choose what we get ourselves. As children, we didn't have the ability to say no. All we cared about as kids was we wanted it and we wanted it now. Need? Okay, we needed it too.

My carpool brigade are three tweens. My daughter, M, a responsible child that expects to get paid an allowance for being capable of owning a house key and opening the door. The neighbor girl, M2, a smart and church-going girl that always has something inspirational to say. She's pretty dang smart too. The neighbor boy, E, a smart ass, church-going boy who thinks my tube tops are the coolest comeback. The difference of their want lists are typical of who they are.

My daughter, M.

1) Money.
2) Money.
3) An iPhone.

The neighbor girl, M2.

1) World Peace.
2) Straight A's.
3) World Peace.

The neighbor boy, E.

1) An iPhone.
2) A laptop.
3) A sickle and a machete.
4) An iPod Touch.
5) An E-reader.

My adult words of reality to the three tweens?

To my daughter, M. Sweetie, you're gonna have to do a lot more than turn a key and open a door to get an allowance. Going from school to home on your own is no reason to get paid. God gave you legs. They're for walking, running and crawling if you have to. Congratulations! You've. Got. Legs. Oh, and you've got an iPod Touch...what the hell do you need an iPhone for?

To the neighbor girl, M2. Sweetie, you are smart so straight A's are possible. Don't put too much pressure on yourself though. There ain't nothing wrong with a B. Oh, and world peace? Never gonna happen! Sorry about that.

To the neighbor boy, E. Sweetie, you need to lower your standards. Making 20 cents an hour isn't gonna get you any of those things on your list. Get yourself a library card and I promise for the next 7 months I will be sporting a tube top....just for you!

My want list?

1) Health.
2) Happiness.
3) Piece of Mind.

I smoke so therefore, I am NOT healthy but that's my own fault.

I'm always smiling so happiness for me is making sure my smile is contagious. If you don't feel like smiling, that's your own fault. Ain't my problem.

I live and lie in my own bed. Anything I've ever done that could be perceived as a mistake or a regret is what got me here today. I'm perfectly fine with that. No regrets.

And finally, putting the word "need" in front of those "wants" changes them. I need health. I need happiness. I need piece of mind.

1) Must. Quit. Smoking.
2) Say goodbye to toxic people that think the world revolves around them, therefore infecting me with negativity.
3) Never make a mistake twice...cause that's just stoooopid.

Happy Tuesday people! It's just like Monday except Tuesday called in sick and Monday pulled a double!

If I've offended you or expressed anything you don't agree with, don't worry, I'll probably do it again.


  1. My dad always says, "Want in one hand and pi#* in the other and see which one fills up faster"...ok, so I still don't totally understand what he meant by this, but I think it means that your wants fill up faster than your pee pee. Still don't understand what that means...maybe pee pee is needs. Either way, I hope you find what you need and get what you want!

  2. Would that be without drinking beer because when I drink beer....I pee like A LOT! :) I guess the point is your wants and needs are so different but nobody can figure that out. And I usually have whatever I want but never have what I need because I've spent too much time getting what I want. Are you dizzy yet? ;)