The Helpful Husband

This going back to work was also tough on my husband. First, because he'd supported me for over 4+ years and me going back to work might be perceived as him failing. Not so! The money would be nice but it's NOT because we need it. Second, he knows how stressed I was before when I quit. He was the one that handed me Kleenex when I sobbed that I hated my job.

So when I broached the subject of me going back to work, it came with some stipulations.

1) No crying.
2) It would be my money.

Deal, deal and deal.

So after last week with the low beginning and the high ending, he was really just trying to be helpful. And because of that, yah, he's pretty freaking cool....and funny too.

Me: When somebody comes up and asks where something is, I look like I'm going to vomit because I have no idea where anything is in the store.

Him: You know what you should do?

Me: Oh, tell me Obi Wan. What should I do?

Him: You should go in on one of these days you aren't working and study the store. Get to know it and when you come home, I'll test you.

Me: You'll test me? How in the hell are you going to test me?

Him: Like I'll say, "Can you tell me where the feminine napkins are?"

Me: Okay. First of all, they aren't called feminine napkins anymore. What are you? 70? Second of all, nobody is going to ask that.

Him: Somebody is gonna ask that and you are going to hunch over and piss yourself. Then you're gonna wish you knew where those feminine napkins were.

Me: Seriously, stop calling them that. ::crying:: You. Are. An. Idiot.

Him: Do you need a feminine napkin to blow your nose?

Me: Seriously, stop.

My husband. He's ruined the feminine napkin aisle for me FOREVER!

I work with the boss today. Last week I worked with the other pharmacist. The patient one. The boss is, I've heard, a little spazzy and a bit of a perfectionist. Eeeeeeeek! Wish me luck.

If I've offended you or expressed anything you don't agree with, don't worry, I'll probably do it again.

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  1. I'm glad I'll never need to know where feminine napkins, tampons, maxi pads or any of that shite is.