Tuesday Carpool of Smiles

Yes, it's carpool Tuesday. The kids were a little sluggish today but they all managed to smile when they got into the car. This morning before setting off I had to order my daughter's Spring pictures. It wasn't a bad picture. She looked like she faked it pretty good. A little grimace that showed her perfect teeth. I feel her pain. I always hated school pictures too. I didn't start taking good pictures in school until Junior year. Oh and my Senior pictures were great too.

I'm not sure when it happened to me but I am NOT an annoying picture taker. I have friends that have to retake over and over again. I'm the girl that glances at it and says, "Whatever!" It's a freaking picture. The only time I'll retake is if my eyes are closed or my arm appears to be the size of my thigh. (Cause seriously, my arm isn't that big. WTF?!)

I've always had this thing that I've gotten used to. When I smile, one of my eyes squint a little. I don't know why. I always see it though. I can't fix it because when I try to, I always end up getting that "crazy eye" look. You know the look? Where they can see the whites of your eyes and you look like the photographer flashed you their goods. Yah, that one. So if I see it, which I always do, I just shrug and think, "That's just me. Take it or leave it."

Here's the carpool conversation!

Me: Did everybody get their pictures yesterday?

M2: I was absent on picture day so I didn't.

E: My mom never buys my pictures so I didn't even bother.

Me: Well, the package says I'm supposed to have 5 sheets in it but I only got 4. I swear if they screw me over with the missing sheet, Ima be pissed!

M2: How'd your pictures turn out M?

M (daughter): Typical picture. I look like he told me to smile and then I had to hold the smile for an hour before he took the picture.

Me: I thought you looked great.

E: Didn't you have curly hair that day M?

M (daughter): Yah, it's about the best thing in the picture.

Me: How come your mom never buys your school pictures E?

E: Cause she says I always look weird. I either look like I'm taking a giant poop or a clown walked into the room.

Me: Ha! Yah, clowns freak me out too.

E: Oh, no doubt. What the heck are they about?

Me: I find it hard to believe that your pictures aren't a little cute. I mean, you're her baby!

E: You've obviously never seen me take a poop....or heard the shrill scream I do whenever a clown is near.

Me: Thank god on the first and hopefully one day on the other.

Cause seriously, clowns are evil and should be banned in at least 48 states.

If I've offended you or expressed anything you don't agree with, don't worry, I'll probably do it again.


  1. The only thing more annoying than school pictures were yearbooks. Followed by class rings. Just more ways to waste your parents' money!

  2. I actually wore my class ring the other day for this 90's dance at my daughter's school. My daughter agrees with you on it. She thinks the class ring is a waste of time. I wonder how she'll feel about it when it's actually time for her to get one? :)