Training Gone Terribly Wrong

I'm trying to remember if I ever trained anybody. I don't think I have but I could be wrong. I'm not a very patient person so I don't think training would be my forte.

The way my work trains is by mistake. Okay? My problem with this type of training is the way they go about it. Let's say I'm doing something wrong. It's human. Well, I've noticed that when my mistake is being corrected they tend to try to make me feel stupid because I made the mistake in the first place. Yah, I'm anything BUT stupid. Don't push me people!

My problem is, I can't figure out who's the ring leader in this. Who's ass do I kick when this happens? That's my number one problem. I don't want to get mad at the wrong person. I don't want to excuse the wrong person either. I just want it to stop. If this is how you train a person, you are about to lose me. I'm not a quitter but I absolutely refuse to allow you to train me this way.

It's ridiculous! I just don't think they know who I am. I'm not necessarily out of my shell yet. They really don't know who I am. I'm afraid that one of these Monday's or Friday's, I'm going to snap. I don't want to snap. It's not going to be pretty.

I'm done. No more whining. Just a warning. I going to keep a close eye on who deserves my revenge. I think I know who it is but I'm reserving my final decision for later.

Carpool Tuesday!

E came out and into the car with an Ace bandage wrapped around his knee.

Me: What happened to your knee buddy?

E: I think I've been sitting on it wrong.

Me: What the hell are you sitting on your knees for?

M2: I sit on my knees all the time.

Me: You're not supposed to sit on your knees. Your butt is too big for those little bitty knees to handle your butt sitting on them.

M2: I beg your pardon! My butt is not too big!

Me: Oh, maybe that's just me.

E: Well, I did something to it because my knee hurts.

M (daughter): My knees hurt when I walk on em.

Me: What are you walking on your knees for? Trying out for the part of midget in the school play?

E: Um, I think she means when she's walking on her feet, her knees hurt.

Me: Oh, I'm tired this morning. I pictured her walking literally on her knees.

M (daughter): That's what I meant.

E: Oh, well yah, I forgot, you were obviously a special needs kid.

M (daughter): No, I just felt sorry for you because next to me...you look like a midget. Grow much?

Me: Wow! I am somewhat shocked at your rudeness but feel compelled to offer you a high five on that one M!

E: Don't encourage her Miss Jean.

Happy Tuesday people! Oh and even though he'll never read it, thank you husband for listening to me whine and rant about my qualms at work. It was appreciated more than you'll ever know.

If I've offended you or expressed anything you don't agree with, don't worry, I'll probably do it again.


  1. I learned from the best at both "the thumb" and Northwest. I am probably known as an asshole because I learned from the best, you included. I know you are a RockStar and you will get through it. I don't have time to babysit when I train, therefore, I tell them watch, learn, and repeat, speed and accuracy will come with time. If they "can't handle it, get your ass out the pharmacy". I'm sure there is another place where they can be coddled. Jean you will make it through this, don't give up yet.

  2. I'm not gonna give up yet. The good thing about this part time schedule is I have many days in between to simmer down. I don't forget though and if it happens again, I fear I may pull my diva card out and red flag em. I don't need the stress or the angst of fighting for my sanity. Either way you look at it, I will prevail in the end.