iPhone Blogging

I'm reserving the right to add on later to this. Today is my Friday work day and I had neither the time or the patience to come up with something witty.

However, I'm going to take this moment to confess something. I love my iPhone. I can do pretty much anything with it and it in return pays me back in spades. I can Facebook. I can play games. I can look up a fact my husband claims isn't a fact. (Probably my favorite feature) There's this game. Words with Friends. I've got about 10 games going right now. I'm pretty good and when I lose, it drives me crazy. Last night my husband tried to convince me that the word "axis" is a deer and the other word "axus" is the line definition. Oh yah people, I won that battle and then some.

So I've begun writing my blog today on my iPhone. I'll probably finish later on the computer though. These tiny little keys aren't real easy to navigate. I expect the topic later will switch as I'm not allowed to have my phone with me in the pharmacy. Well, I might be allowed but I know if I had it...I'd be useless. I have to concentrate.

To be continued....

Okay, so the day is done and I'm still iPhoning it on this here blog. It was a pretty good day actually. As usual, when I went to lunch and returned, Dennis Hopper started his usual, "Um...er....you're doing this wrong." Essentially making me feel like he said, "You. Are. An. IDIOT!"

No, he doesn't say that. I've mentioned before that he's a pretty nice guy. He just has these idiosyncrasies that drive me bonkers. The training me by making me feel like an idiot though is my least favorite thing. So today when he began, I stopped him. Look, I can't work in this type of environment anymore. I know, I know. Suck it up Jeanie. But seriously, this me being quiet and taking it up the wazoo just isn't like me. So I stopped him.

Was I rude?


I know, to some that might be a shocker but I really like this job. It feels like home again. Even after the 15th discount card I have to rerun...I still like it. (Seriously though, why don't the freaking drug companies just lower their prices instead of giving out discount cards? Share the wealth, you dumbasses!)

So I just explained to him (gently) that I can't learn like that. I'm not and never have been ashamed of admitting I made a mistake or didn't know how to do something. So in turn, I think I deserve the same respect. Don't talk down to me or over me. Please don't make me cry. And you know what, I don't need a pat on the back or an "atta boy" but if I am doing something right....could ya maybe let me know instead of focusing on the negative? Throw me a freaking cookie or something!

So what happened?

He showed me the better way of doing what I was doing then proceeded to trip me....almost making me eat floor. (It was an accident) But seriously Dennis! I'm trying NOT to look like an idiot here! Oh, Oh! Then he threw a pop quiz in there about the importance of triple checking an Escribe prescription.

"Triple checking is important on an Escribe prescription because....."

Whereas the three techs in the pharmacy, myself included, bumbled out an, "Oh! Um...er...."

Yah, "Pop quiz asshole! What time do I leave again?"

But all in all, a stellar day. I am happy, healthy and sitting at a bar with my husband toasting to both of those things. Have a fantastic weekend people! I know I will be wearing a gigantic smile...even if I'm being forced to watch soccer game after soccer game. Go Eclipse and McKinney FC!

If I've offended you or expressed anything you don't agree with, don't worry, I'll probably do it again.


  1. This is like the 1st comment i've made on ur blogs but it just has to be said I hate iphones. For real ever since they came out they get like too much damn play and bugs the shit outta me.

  2. That comment was from Me Raul.

  3. You are forgiven for you're inablility to see the wonders of the iPhone. My bestest friend absolutely refuses to use one because she feels the same way. I'll tell ya though...I'm the one she calls when she needs something quick that the iPhone can do. :)