How do some people actually live to the ripe old age of 30?

Going back to work has been somewhat of a reminder of how stupid people are. I mean, seriously, these people are having sex, making more stupid people and making our lives miserable. Why God, WHY????

Yesterday was an extremely busy day. I worked with Dennis Hopper but it was too busy for any pop quizzes. He and I were too busy to butt heads or get into any pissing contests either. Yesterday is what I'd like to call, "I'm an idiot and I'm going to call or go into a pharmacy," day. And boy oh boy, did they call and did they come in.

I did my best to smile and put my sweet voice on. I think I accomplished the amazing feat of not alerting these people that I think they are complete idiots. Well, I almost accomplished it. It seemed like every customer that walked in was a new customer. A new customer needs a new profile. A new customer usually has like 5+ prescriptions to fill as well. A new customer thinks that 5+ prescriptions should take less than 20 minutes. Those new customers are stupid. (Smile) Seriously though, they're stupid.

Oh and yesterday was the day that people kept asking ridiculous questions.

Customer: "Hi, I just called and plugged my refill numbers in but I wanted you to check and see that it went through."

Here's me! "Okay, lemme check on that."

Here's what I wanna say! "Why the hell did you waste the time plugging the numbers in then? The automated system is supposed to make my life and your life easier. You. Have. Just. Wasted. Both. Mine. And. Yours. Time. DUMBASS!!!!

Customer: "I know you're busy but I'm still confused about how to transfer a prescription and why I have to transfer the prescription in the first place."

Here's me! "Okay, lemme explain it to you again."

Here's what I wanna say! "Hmmmm, you've called three times already. I've said the same thing to you twice and have changed nothing about the explanation. If you know I'm busy, why in the hell are you bugging me AGAIN??!!!"

Customer: "Why isn't my prescription ready yet? What does the insurance have to do with why my prescription isn't counted?"

Here's me! "Oh, it's ready. Lemme run your prescription receipt through the insurance though."

Here's what I wanna say! "Well, my boss doesn't believe in running prescriptions as cash if we know there is an insurance. But if you wanna pay $159.00 for your prescription, I'd be happy to get you outta here. Oh, you don't wanna pay that much? Then shut the fuck up and gimme your insurance card....bitch!"

Customer: "If the pharmacist is on his lunch from 1:30 to 2pm, why won't my prescription be ready until 2:20pm?"

Here's me! "It's a standard 20 minute wait. We might have it done sooner but the pharmacist isn't set to work until 2pm. We'll get it ready as soon as he gets back."

Here's what I wanna say! "You are an ass. Seriously, go away. Take your prescription for herpes and shove it up your ass!"

And finally, my favorite one of the day!

Customer: "Has my Vicodin refill been approved yet?"

Here's me! "No, I'm sorry. We faxed it this morning and the doctor hasn't returned our call to approve or deny yet."

Here's what I wanna say! "Listen you! I understand that as a pharmacy technician, I should be sympathetic to your 'pain.' However, I'm not. If there is a god, your doctor will deny this refill request....but judging by the way today has gone...there isn't. Call us back later you tweeker! Take a freaking Tylenol or something!"

Oh yah, I got through the entire day not saying what I wanted to say. I smiled and I sweet talked my way through the day. At exactly 3:57pm, it was proven that I'm not as sweet as I want to be.

Customer: "I was there yesterday picking up my medications and the pain medication wasn't in the bag."

Here's me! "Oh really? Which one's were in the bag? Oh the blood pressure and thyroid were there but NOT the pain medication? Well that's weird! You signed for all three of them, the pain medication isn't in the pharmacy anymore....I suggest you look again."

Customer: "Nope, you guys didn't give it to me.

Me: "Please hold for a manager....he's gonna love this one! Oh and I can assure you, you ain't gonna fool him either."

And then it was 4pm! Buh-bye! It felt good waving as I booked it out of there.

Have a great Tuesday people! I'm not at work so it is going to be fantastic!

If I've offended you or expressed anything you don't agree with, don't worry, I'll probably do it again.


  1. I think that over the years of working with you Jeanie, you rubbed off on me. I am not so sympathetic as I once was. You know the ol' "hold on one sec" and I would do anything to make the person happy....NO MORE. While I don't have customers standing in front of me, my customers are dumbass RN's currently (or the dumb-as-a-rock-lazy-MerFer co-wokers). We could probably write a book on the shit that we deal with on a daily basis and make millions. Oh! Happy Tuesday to you, It's my Friday tonight!

  2. I always wonder why it takes them so long for my prescription. It comes in a box so there's nothing for them even to count. Run the insurance card, slap the label on, and let's go!

  3. I take great pride that I have rubbed off on you. That made my day.

    Mutt, there is so much more going on than you realize. If it's new, I have to type it up. And if someone dropped off before you, sorry buddy, first come first serve. If it's a refill, yes, it doesn't take that long to do that but again, if you're at the end of the line....it'll be 20 minutes. Just call in your refill a couple days before it's gone and it'll be ready when you come by. Oh and please don't click over after plugging in the number to check if it went through. That is so freaking annoying! ;)

  4. Well I look at it this way...There is a new kind of stupid born every day that someone forgets to introduce us to so we can prepare...imagine half those Doombmossssess wanting to come to college...let alone a university...nice job on the retorts btw...imagine trying to retort to a student with a 1.8 and wonders why he can't go to college...and it isn't because he need help it was because he was lazy. djs

  5. EXACTLY! Those idiots have spawned more idiots! Again, why????