Arguing for the Sake of Arguing.

This isn't me by any means. Personally, I don't like arguing all that much. When I get backed into a corner or feel that I'm losing an argument...I tend to get kind of violent. Violent meaning I want to drive somebody's, anybody's head through a wall.

My violent tendencies only increase if the argument is so incredibly stupid that I can't believe I'm wasting my time on it.

After going to bed last night, AT FREAKING MIDNIGHT, I snuggled in my blankets with my Nook in the ON position, my husband wants to take this time to talk. I have to admit, when I'm comfortable and have my reading brain ON, please don't try to talk to me. My husband knows this but never really cares about this either.

Husband: I'm so glad you got those tickets back to California. I was sweatin' those.

Me: You're welcome. You know me, give me a job to do and I'm going to do it. I'm just glad we land in Oakland.

Husband: I'm just glad you got us on Southwest and we don't have to pay for our checked baggage.

Me: Me too. (At this point, I'm really not paying attention. I've started reading.)

Husband: The only thing I hate about Southwest is the way they seat you. You'd think they'd seat you from back to front but they start from the front. Idiots!

Me: (I've stopped reading. My husband's knowledge of anything travel is zero.) No they don't. They don't have assigned seating. You pick your seat when you get on the plane.

Husband: No they don't. We had assigned seats the last time.

Me: What last time? We've never ridden on Southwest. It was always an affiliate.

Husband: Yes we did and we had assigned seats.

Me: Hey babe? What can I say right now to end this tit for tat you got going right now? I don't have the patience to do this right now.

Husband: Admit I'm right.

Me: Whatever. In two months when I'm proved right, I get nothing. This is stupid. You're welcome and I'm sorry you know nothing about Southwest.

Sadly, this went on for at least twenty more minutes. It was a stupid argument that escalated to little zingers from my husband.

Him: I'm gonna get some part times because we're going to need some extra cash.

(Meaning: Thank god you have me because I always have extra cash.)

Him: You know my parents are gonna be making us dinner every night. Maybe you could make dinner a couple times when we're there.

(Meaning: You're going to have to pay your way with this trip somehow.)

Him: You're not planning on turning this into a Jean vacation by going out with your friends all the time we're there, are you?

(Meaning: I'm going to start the guilt early on how I've lost touch with all of my friends and you still have most of yours.)

Let's call this what it is though. It was past midnight and we were tired. He knew exactly what he was doing and I did too. Did I close my eyes finally, thinking how long I would have to smother him before he stopped breathing?

No. I merely said, "Goodnight sweetie. The best part about going home is we get to see your parents and your family. All the rest, like me seeing my friends and showing the girls where we're from are just fantastic bonuses. I can't wait and even better? If home starts to get on our nerves....we get to leave and come back to our haven in Texas."

So, who won this argument? Why, me of course.

1) He's still alive.
2) I never once called him a dumbass.
3) The family vacation is going to be great no matter what.

Happy Thursday people! It's my last day off so I plan on doing it right.

If I've offended you or expressed anything you don't agree with, don't worry, I'll probably do it again.

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