Friday Carpool

I'm going to work this morning for my day of drug pushing and smiling through gritted teeth. Can you feel my excitement? It's electric, isn't it?

So this morning was my Friday carpool so I hope you enjoy.

M2: I just want you to know that you're my favorite carpool....other than my mom.

Me: Well of course! Where else can you get a ride to school AND have a meaningless conversation?

M2: Let's tell E he has a stain on his face and see him go absolutely crazy trying to wipe it off.

Me: Oh sweetie, you know E could care less.

M2: You think so?

Me: Only one way to find out.

::E gets in the car::

M2: You got something on your forehead E.

E: It's probably maple syrup...I'll save it for later.

Me: See, told ya.

E: I'm so incredibly tired this morning. My parents are making us all do the P90X before our cruise this summer. My dad says he wants all of us to have 8-packs.

Me: 8-packs? I've got a 6-pack but it ain't from doing sit-ups!

E: Are you doing the P90X too?

Me: Ah hell no! I'm staying strong at my weight and I ain't doing nothing to screw it up. And you need to tell your dad as soon as he has an 8-pack...you'll get one too.

E: You're trying to get me grounded again, aren't you?

Me: No. I just think it's borderline abuse to make your kids do P90X. I may check the Internet and report your parents.

E: Dude! If you put a stop to the mass amounts of brown rice they're making me eat...I might love you for all eternity.

M2: You've still got something on your forehead.

Me: Yah, how do you have maple syrup on your forehead? I doubt that type of food is on the approved P90X list.

E: When my dad left for the gym and my mom went to wake up my brother and sister, I managed to eat a waffle in like 20 seconds.

M2: So you're just gonna leave that on your forehead?

Me: ::snort:: M2! Give it up!

M (daughter): What I find amazing is you totally got snagged cheating on your P90X diet.

E: Who pulled your string?

M (daughter): If the string is me finally speaking, I pulled my own string. The day you get an 8-pack will be the day I will become your slave for the day.

E: What do I get for a 6-pack?

Me: I will be your slave for the day!

E: How would I explain that to my parents?

M2: Probably the same explanation of what's on your forehead.

Me: See ya later my little cherubs!

E: ::whispering:: Do I really have something on my forehead?

Me: ::whispering:: No dummy.

Have a great Friday people!!! It's gonna be quite a busy day. I can feel it.

If I've offended you or expressed anything you don't agree with, don't worry, I'll probably do it again.


  1. Loves it! And WHY are children doing P90X? He will turn into that baby Hercules child!

  2. My thoughts exactly! Even though most kids are turning into sloths in front of TV's and computers...they still burn more calories than adults by the simple act of walking home from school. My poor M has lost 10lbs in the last 2 months and thinned out like a crack child. It's that awesome stage in life where you grow into your baby fat by growing UP in height. I swear, if I added an exercise program to her daily routine, she'd shrink to nothing.