Why I'm the favorite.

Today was my carpool day. My neighbor kindly took mine yesterday because both of my kids were home sick. This is the neighbor that asked me, "Why does my son like your carpool days more than mine? What do you do that I'm not doing?" Ha! Well, she's E's mom and I didn't have the guts to tell her that I'm the favorite because I actually "talk" to the kids. I can only imagine what the other parent's rides are like. Well, that's a lie.....I can imagine.

::Crickets chirping::

From the minute the kids get in the car, I start talking. A carpool participant that I haven't included is another M name so we'll call her M2. She was on a cruise last week. She's a year older than my daughter and E. She's also probably the sweetest girl and my daughter is uber sweet so that's saying something. In fact, I feel a little bad that I didn't ask her about her cruise this morning but we had more important things to discuss.

1) Lack of jackets.
2) Speed reading.
3) The idiot that cut me off in the drop-off lane.

You get the drift. This is important stuff! This morning was also the Honor Roll breakfast at school. Something I am proud to say that I was invited to. My daughter M made straight A's again. I was trying to get out of the breakfast though. Not because I didn't care but because attending a celebration with M is like attending a funeral. I knew she'd much rather sit with her friends than sit with me. When M2 heard I didn't want to go, she chastised me. I think her exact words were, "How could you not go? This is a big deal!" Well, crap! I guessed I was going because I refused to be scolded by a 13 year old. Besides, I'm not stupid. Free cookies and punch? Oh yah, I'm there! Here's a conversation to close and bring it back to why I'm the favorite.

Me: Half day today!

M2: The Lightening Thief comes out in theatres on Friday!

M (daughter): Honor Roll Breakfast this morning....no History!

E: What's this about?

Me: FAIL! Come on E, don't you have anything exciting to announce?

E: Well, let's see. I have detention today which defeats a half day. I'm grounded for a week which means I can't see The Lightening Thief on Friday. Oh, and I didn't make the honor roll. What do you think?

Me: I think it sounds like you have a Twizzler up your butt.

M (daughter): There you go E!

M2: ::giggle::

E: Awww, thanks. You just gave me something exciting for later. (clearing throat) I have a Twizzler stuck up my butt! Yay me!

Me: You're very welcome. It's what I do and even better news? You won't have to share. Because, well, you know. :)

So you see why I'm the favorite?

If I've offended you or expressed anything you don't agree with, don't worry, I'll probably do it again.

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