If my sister read this, she'd probably mail me a box full of crap because she lives in New Hampshire and has had a lot of snow this winter. Well sis, I live in Texas and snow in Texas is a big deal. At least, that's what Pete Delkus tells us every freaking time he reports the weather. Anyway, I'm not going to talk about the weather but I will say Pete Delkus had the nerve to call this snow storm a Snowpaloooza. No wonder all the other states hate us.

Today is Thursday and on Thursday nights, my husband works a part-time for security at a weekly hockey game. It's his favorite part-time because he gets paid to watch a hockey game. Yah, what a life! Here's why I hate this part-time. He is now looking into an adult hockey league. Good god! It's the freaking same old thing with men. They come up with a "great" idea, get all gung-ho about it and after a week, the "great" idea wasn't really such a "great" idea. I grew up with this with my father. I love my dad but this is the guy that bought an expensive bicycle so he could save gas and ride his bike to work.

He did it for a week. Guess who has the bike now? My husband.

He also once bought one of those stationary bikes and parked it in front of the TV thinking he'd get in shape doing what he loves the most.

That stationary bike turned into a coat rack.

When my husband mentioned his pro-hockey dreams I of course did the worst thing ever for a wife to do. I laughed at him. Now he's more determined than ever to do it. I mentioned he might wanna try a pair of in-line skates first before attempting a virgin skate over ice. He's looking for a pair right now. I'm having dreams of getting this man practicing his skating on video. I'm also having dreams of one day being a ballerina too but you don't see me buying a tutu and twirling throughout the neighborhood either.

If I've offended you or expressed anything you don't agree with, don't worry, I'll probably do it again.

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