Love 101

In honor of Valentine's Day and because I am such a know-it-all about it, I've put together some quotes. Well, they're quotes that I've probably ruined because they don't make any sense at all.

"Love means never having to say you're sorry." Ima call bullshit on that....if you did something wrong...you bettah say you're sorry. Just sayin'!

"Love isn't about flowers and candy....it's how you show it all year long." Nah....flowers and candy are good too.

"Never go to sleep angry." Cause I will kill you while you sleep!

"Love is like an eternal smile." Seriously, what the hell are smiling about?

"A hug from your true love is like giving him your heart to hold for safe-keeping." Until he grabs your ass and then you know he's just horny.

"The best kisses are first thing in the morning because it just means he wants another day with you." Um....after a tooth brushing and a swig of Scope perhaps. Cause anything before is just gross.

"Whoever wins the fight really loses. Love always wins in the end." Sooooooooo, in other words.....love is for losers?

"A kiss with your true love is like your very first kiss over and over again." Ima call bullshit on this too cause my first kiss SUCKED!!! I've gotten MUCH better at it, thank you!

"True love is like being tickled until you're breathless." Or in my case until I pee my pants and beat the crap out of you for tickling me.

"Saying, I love you, is like standing naked in a room, packed full of people." Probably correct if a man said this as most men will say, I love you, once you're naked.

And there you have it. Now, I may be coming off as a love-hating woman but that's just not true. I love.....love? It's the only feeling in the world that can make you experience every emotion in the book. What other feeling can do that? Jealousy can't make you laugh. Hate can't make you smile. But love can make you feel jealousy and hate. Seriously, love is a feeling that nobody can avoid. It can happen more than once and it can happen at the same time.

Valentine's Day is just another day to me. I don't believe that you should love "better" on one specific day. You should probably do it all year long. And although I know a lot of flowers and candy were given yesterday, that's okay. Hell, I got flowers and gum and it was freaking GREAT! I did feel special but when I woke up today, I felt just as loved today than I did yesterday. That's the beauty of love. I am loved by so many and I am loved for so many different reasons. I'm a good daughter, I'm a good friend and I'm a good woman.

So happy Valentine's Day but on this Monday, I hope everybody woke up feeling just as special and loved as they did yesterday because love is an everyday thing. Love actually is all around.

If I've offended you or expressed anything you don't agree with, don't worry, I'll probably do it again.

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