Is a personality sellable?

Okay, had my interview today. I haven't interviewed for a job in 10 years and after the interview today....I feel like I've never been interviewed before. Wow! The questions. The answers. The amount of times I looked like I had no idea what to say. Wow!

I think toward 1/4 through the interview, in my head I said, "Screw this!" and just let my personality do the interview. I mean, seriously, if you don't like my personality, you ain't gonna wanna work with me. Here were some of the questions and some of my answers.

Have you ever promised to complete a project and failed to complete the project? How did you handle that situation?

Well sure I've made promises I couldn't keep. It was never through lack of trying though. And I handled it by telling the supervisor I didn't finish it. I'm not the type of person that doesn't own up to her failures.

Do you adapt well to change?

I hate change. It bugs the crap out of me when they try to fix what isn't broken. I go with it though. I learn the new change, master it and wait for them to screw up again to change it all over again. So I guess I do adapt well to change. I hate it.

What was one problem you had at your last employment?

My boss kept hiring idiots to help out and ended up giving me more work because of them.

How did you handle and rectify that problem?

I told my boss to stop hiring idiots or I'd quit.

Did that rectify the situation?

No. I quit a few weeks later.

If an employee was having issues with doing her duties at work, would you help out or inform the supervisor?

I have no problem helping someone learn their job. I'd expect the same if I needed help. And I'm not one to tattle to the supervisor unless that employee is an idiot that supervisor hired.

Why do you want a job to be a pharmacy technician?

Because it's all I've ever done when I earned a paycheck. I'm good at it.

What areas do you think you lack and need to improve on?

Um....nothing? Well, we all have room for improvement but I'm quite perfect actually. And if I'm not performing to your standards, you better tell me. Trust me, I won't have any problem telling you that you aren't. I deserve the same honesty.

So there you have it. My interview. I was kinda nervous at first but then I told that person to go away and the real Jeanie showed up. I'm not at all nervous about somewhat returning to the working world. It's only part time.

And truly, if you play off the phony in your interview....how long can you continue being phony? Will they ever meet the real you? I couldn't imagine being hired for a job that didn't hire the real me. I mean, come on! They have to know what they're getting into, right?

If I've offended you or expressed anything you don't agree with, don't worry, I'll probably do it again.


  1. Oh, Jeanie! I feel your pain! About to head into my interview today - must be part of our cosmic connection! I know they loved you, and if not - screw them! This has given me some inspiration - just be myself. ;)

  2. Well Kel, you have quite a quirky personality too. And I think NOT having you be a part of their team is a gaffe on their part. And being ourselves is the only way we can go as far as we want to. At least that's MY story that I'm sticking to. ;)