Tuesday Debauchery

It's Tuesday! Which means it's my carpool day. I love carpool Tuesday. Granted at 6:30am when I have to actually put clothes on....love is not how I would describe it. By 7:10am though...I'm ready to go. Of course, we all expected to wake up and see snow but there was no snow. The weathercaster *said* it was snowing though. Oh weatherman, you truly aren't worth more than a psychic are you?

I had the radio on when I picked the kids up. I don't usually do that but the conversation this morning was pretty funny and I couldn't bring myself to turn it down. Pick up lines. A topic that'll never get old. The consensus with the women that were talking was if you compliment them on something that they haven't heard before, they're more prone to fall for it. Instead of saying, "You are hot!" saying something like, "You have the prettiest neck." might be an improvement. Um....maybe, but I don't think I've met anybody who was smart enough to try it.

The next consensus was if you're a guy, you should always have a wingman. Not a wingman to take the ugly girl but a wingman to apologize for your "douchey" ways.

E: What does "douchey" mean? (He's 12 so why would he know this?)

M (daughter): ::giggle:: (She's 12 so why does she know this?)

Me: What are you giggling at?

M (daughter): E said "douchey" and it sounded funny.

Me: Do you know what "douchey" means? Hmmmmm?

M (daughter): I've heard you use the word before!

Me: E should listen to this. It's good stuff. I know a lot of guys that need to take a lesson on tact and pick-up lines.

M (daughter): I think E has "douchey" down pat mom.

Me: M! Maybe you need to take a lesson on not being such a brat! And I have a feeling you don't really know what "douchey" means so you better watch it.

E: Um...."Douchey" better mean irresistable because I'm not anything BUT irresistable.

Me: Yah....you go with that E. That'll get you tons of women.

E: Well, before we go, I just wanted to tell you that you have the prettiest hands.

Me: See!!! He was listening. Thanks E. That wasn't "douchey" at all!

E: What does "douchey" mean??

Oh, I can't WAIT for the phone call from E's mother today after school.

If I've offended you or expressed anything you don't agree with, don't worry, I'll probably do it again.


  1. No, thank god!!! I waved at her today and she waved back so maybe E didn't ask her. ;)