Friday Frayhem....priceless?

My youngest birthday is on Sunday which therefore means she gets to bring cupcakes to school today. The smile on her face as she proudly walked into school today carrying her two trays of cupcakes were priceless. Priceless. A word used often nowadays that means nothing. Nothing is truly priceless. Those cupcakes cost me $12.00! But yes, the smile was worth it....I guess.

My carpool was tripled this week because I'm a nice parent and neighbor. And surprisingly the conversation between me and the tweens matched with how much a dollar is truly worth to a child. Now, my kids swear that I crap money. For years, I keep telling them that the ATM in my ass has been broke since I reached the age of 16when I got my first job at K-Mart in the apparel department. Sadly, they don't believe me and have a huge dose of reality coming their way. Even sadder, I'm convinced my husband thinks he's swimming in cash but that's just cause he doesn't pay the bills and doesn't need a Xanax every 2 weeks...like me.

Again, the stars of the carpool are my daughter M and my nemesis E. M was quite quiet and I think you'll know why. E is a church boy by the way. An attribute because he has good parents. M is not a church girl unless one of our neighbors take her to church. We believe in god but we also don't believe in shoving a belief down her throat until she's old enough to decide for herself. This is a fact that E likes to tease me about because he knows I'm a tube top wearing, beer drinking and church fearing woman.

E: I had a dream last night that I finally got an iPod Touch but it was only an 8G.

Me: Pft! Only an 8G? How's your purchase of the $100 netbook coming?

E: My mom is saving my allowance. She's my personal savings account. I think I've got $12.20 so far.

M (daughter): Wow! You're rich!

Me: How does one end up with 20cents? That's a weird amount. Usually it's just a dollar amount.

E: I get paid 20cents for every chore I do.

M (daughter): That sucks! Is that even legal?

Me: At that rate, by the time you can get your netbook....it'll be out of style.

E: Well, the BISHOP says you appreciate material items if you work hard for em. It's kind of a, "God is good, life is good.....god is life." way of thinking. You know....oh wait, do you know? I don't mind working hard for things that I really want. That's the way good people should be.

Me: Said the boy who scoffed at an 8G iPod Touch. Don't try to scare me with your Bishop talk....I'll just wave my pitchfork in your face.

E: Whatever!

And there you have it! The ultimate comeback of I got him and he knew it. Gas. $2.76 a gallon. iPod Touch. $199....8G. Getting a 12 year old boy to say, "Whatever!" PRICELESS!

If I've offended you or expressed anything you don't agree with, don't worry, I'll probably do it again.

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