Birthday Super Bowl

Today is my new 8 year old's birthday and sadly it is on Super Bowl Sunday. In honor of her, we'll call her K, I'm going to share some facts about her. Oh and GEAUX SAINTS!

K once asked Santa for a ring for Xmas. On December 26th, after throwing said ring in the grass and losing it, when asked why she did that, she replied, "The "diamond" wasn't big enough....I ain't cheap!" :/ (Grounded for 2 days)

K once said, "My friend is allergic to penis." (meaning peanuts) When asked to clarify she replied, "I meant peanuts, I know what a penis is and I hope I'm allergic to those!"

At night K sings at the top of her lungs with her iPod. One night, me and the husband sat in the hallway giggling like idiots as she sang the entire song of Hotel Room Service. "Oh you the healthy type----well here goes some egg whites!"

Whenever and wherever you are with K....if she says, "Oops. Sorry." You better clear the area cause it's about to get stinky. :)

When K asked what we were doing for her birthday, I replied, "We're having a Super Bowl Party!" She countered with, "If my cake is shaped like a football...I'm running away for my 9th birthday." Sadly, I actually handmade the cake and it actually does look like a football. I can never get my cakes to look right.

After her older sister M watched the puberty video at school, she was telling me and K about it. After hearing all about the menstruation subject, K said, "You'd think they'd find a cure for that by now." :)

And finally, the day K was born. Her big sister was holding her and asked, "Is she gonna be my best friend forever?" (M was 4) I said, "If you're lucky, she'll be your best friend even longer than forever." At which time, K grunted, farted and pooped.

If I've offended you or expressed anything you don't agree with, don't worry, I'll probably do it again.

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