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So, we're into 2011 and this is my first post of the year. I apologize for being absent for so long. It's been so busy I guess with work, the girls and my husband. I'll just try to catch up.

Work is going good. I'm up to 24 hours a week now, working Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I have a 4 day weekend but I'll tell you, by Wednesday, my "give a shit" meter is at an all time low. It's becoming busier in the pharmacy. I made it an entire year at good ol' Target and I have to admit, going back to work was the best decision that fell into my lap ever. Dennis has gotten a new nickname. "Buzz" was given to him for the reason that whenever he walks into the pharmacy, he's a major buzzkill. He's still the same. He is still under the impression that he's perfect but he's kinda growing on me. I've become quite close to everybody else in the pharmacy and have grown to depend on them as co-workers and friends. I love when that happens.

The girls are good. K is 9 years old and going on 30. She still has the ability to make you smile and laugh in your darkest mood. Of course with getting older, her ability to stop talking has taken a turn to not existing. She truly is still my mini-me. I can never say anything bad about her because I would essentially be saying bad things about me. I do understand what my father meant when he kept telling me to stop and think before opening my "smart mouth" when I was growing up. M still has diabetes. :) Yes, I know, it's a lifelong disease. She is 10 months in from her diagnosis and in all honesty we're kicking it's ass. It's gotten easier after she graduated to the carb-ratio plan. No more limited carbs. Now she can eat whatever she wants, whenever she wants and just figures out the dose of insulin with it. She has also graduated into the next step of womanhood and recently dove into hormone hell. Yet another thing that'll mess with her disease but we seem to be coping well. My poor husband has one hormone-less child in the house. I fear he'll leave us all when all 3 of us gang up on him. In the end though, the girls are moving forward and I'm just desperately hanging on to try to keep up. It's fantastic!

My husband has moved from upstairs being a detective back to patrol. It was quite a transition for us but after a couple months, we've got it. He's happy. :) The first month was all about trying to find a balance from being a family and accommodating a guy that couldn't quite get that he had a family to spend time with. I thought it was an easy concept. Him? Not so much.

My view has always been that home was a sort of "home base." Nobody could touch me here. They couldn't hurt me. They couldn't bring me down. I could be myself, whether it be a raving lunatic or a tired and exasperated woman. I am accepted in my home. My husband would come home and act like everything was an attack. So after a couple days of explaining that concept to him and a couple weeks of repeating it, he finally got it. This family has been through so much, we really needed a place where we felt safe. You can't come home and invade our place by yelling at us and flexing your manly muscles without getting a dose of ego-popping from me. And the poor girls, they barely saw him and when they did, he was always yelling at them. Um.....no. And poor me, when I finally got a moment alone with him, he was complaining about how messy the house is and how he wants to move. Um.....no. Don't shit in my cornflakes buddy cause I will make you beg for mercy. You sir are outnumbered here, count it, readjust the attitude.

Don't worry though, when you have me as wife, a friend or a mother, you'll always see the light.

Now I'm gonna try to keep this up again. No promises though but I will try. I've missed it. Everybody is fine though. I have no complaints. I'm looking forward to starting some new habits, ending some old ones and making good decisions that will make me and my circle of friends and family happy. Happy Thursday everybody! For old times sake, here's a carpool convo. New characters are M2's brother T and E's brother I, who I've nicknamed "Tuba." He plays an instrument that is NOT a tuba but whenever I call it a tuba, giggles ensue from everybody but "Tuba." :) Oh and M is trying out for track now at school with E so that's the reason for the conversation.

Me: M ran a mile in 9 minutes yesterday and she hates running.

T: That means she'd probably run a 5K in about 25 minutes. For somebody who hates running, that's a pretty good time.

Me: I think she's better at short distance. She tends to burn out quick.

Tuba: My dad ran a Marathon Man and my mom runs every morning.

Me: Nobody like a bragger Tuba.

Tuba: I'm not bragging but some people die doing the Marathon Man.

Me: I know I would. I ran a 5K.

T: What was your time?

Me: 45 minutes.

T: WHAT????? Did you crawl it? Or was it in water or something?

Me: Nooooooooooooooo, I walked up the hills and sprinted down em. There were a lot of hills but the cookies at the end were fantastic!

T: I'd say nobody likes a bragger but 45 minutes is NOTHING to brag about Miss Jean.

Me: Well hey, it's about 2 miles to school from here. Get out and we can see who makes it there first. Me or you. :P

T: I ran a 5K in 22 minutes.

Me: Seriously, get out. :)

If I've offended you or expressed anything you don't agree with, don't worry, I'll probably do it again.

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