Too much time in the morning.

With M doing basketball try-outs all week at 6:45am, I've got quite a bit of time on my hands. M has never played a day of basketball in her life. When she played soccer, putting a hand on the ball was a no no. She's so funny. I have to hand it to her though, I wouldn't have done this when I was a kid.

When I was in 8th grade at Monte Vista, I was on the basketball team. We sucked. We won one game and that was because the other team never showed up. You would've thought we won the Super Bowl with that "win." I played T-ball as a kid too. The only hit I got was a tap. The ball fell off the tee and nobody knew what to do with it so I just ran. Got a double. :) I was in gymnastics too but had to quit because I couldn't do a round off, flip flop. I couldn't balance more than 5 seconds on the balance beam and the idea of running really fast to get a good jump onto the uneven bars was laughable. Yah, not much of a sporty girl. No idea where these girls get it. I admire them though. I just wish it didn't cut into my sleep time as much as it did.

Tonight is K's performance. She tried out for the Australian part. She was so damn cute, she got the part of the First Mate on the pirate ship. For some reason, when she reads her lines, she sounds like an Australian pirate. The teacher keeps telling her that she's a pirate but K said, "But I wanted the Australian part." You gotta love her. The teachers love her too cause of course they think it's just adorable. She memorized all of her lines in less than a weekend and I can't wait to see it tonight.

Today is my last day before a day off. Again, I've inundated my day off with things to do so I'm not really looking forward to it. I work with the better than ever pharmacist so I'm just fine with today. Yesterday was Dennis day. He was less than annoying....a smidge. I swear though, it must be hard being perfect cause seriously, that guy thinks he shits gold and sweats diamonds. At times of his self-proclaimed perfection, he reminds me of my husband. My husband isn't always perfect though like Dennis so that's why I stay with him.

When I came home yesterday, I sat down on the couch (SHOCKER) and started reading a book. About an hour later, my husband comes home and proceeds to yell at the kids and bitch and moan about the house being a mess. It might've been the day I had but I kinda lost it. Is it too much to ask for the man in my life to just shut up? I mean, the guy is never happy. He always has something to bitch about. He wants a new house. (Nope, I ain't moving) He wants to go hunting but then he only wants to shoot a buck. (He better just freaking kill something) He barely sees us as it is and his first instinct is to come in the house and piss all over, marking his territory. Um, seriously.....I will castrate you if this continues. It's just the time of year I think. Either that or I'm just really tired.

On a lighter note, I'm running on Red Bull as usual. A couple Red Bulls brought home this morning by my husband. His words, "Have a great day and I'll make sure I save you a seat in the front for Katie's thing tonight." Awwwwww, he does love me. :) Have a great Tuesday everybody!

If I've offended you or expressed anything you don't agree with, don't worry, I'll probably do it again.


  1. Hopefully everything works out fine.

  2. How could he not. You are a wonder Wife, Mother and all around Wonderful person. You have a Great Tuesday.