Happiness.....I'm easy. :)

It's Tuesday! I made it through my Monday with Buzz and one of my favorite pharmacists was back. Seriously, making it through yesterday was like the ultimate hill because I really only have to deal with Buzz for like 2 hours on Wednesday. And as y'all know, by Wednesday, I really don't give a shit. If you're sick and I appear sympathetic....damn, I'm good cause I really don't give a poo. Suck it up, pay for your meds and get the hell outta here!

What does that have to do with my title of Happiness? Well, absolutely nothing. I just felt like talking about the mundane things that make me happy. I've never been a hard person to please. I don't like jewelry. I don't really need flowers. If my husband bought me jewelry, I'd check his cock for a disease. I swear I would. Cause there is absolutely no reason to buy me that shit. It's just a waste of time. I've got a wedding ring, my grandmother's ruby ring and my ring with my daughters' birthstone. I can't wear earrings because they get infected when I do. Necklaces are just annoying unless I'm trying to be fancy....and honestly, how fancy is a tube top or a tank top?

I got some sun on my face this weekend. Granted, I was wearing sunglasses so in reality, my face just appears dirty but I know it's a tan. A little color on my pasty white skin makes me happy. NOT a tan I got from a tanning bed or a spray. A real tan. The kinda tan that looks healthy. The kinda tan that tightens your skin a little making you appear 5lbs lighter. Yah, that kinda tan makes me happy. I could sit in the sun and feel like a million bucks. The cool breeze that happens in Texas over spring blowing your hair in a way. Damn, I'm kinda turning myself on here. Love the sun. I've missed the sun. But you can feel it in the air, Spring has sprung and Jeanie's about to be very happy. Tube tops, tank tops, spring dresses and my favorite black flip flops are the choice. That is my kind of happiness.

Now how hard is that? Extremely difficult when it's freaking freezing for 6 months and the dress of choice is clothes that a hobo would put his nose up to. And when you're me and desperately trying to appear somewhat sexy, how in thee hell is that possible when your only option for clothes is sweatpants and hoodies? I even one year tried to get some nice warm clothes by purchasing sexy boots, nice jeans and sweaters. Lemme tell ya, sexy boots are painful within minutes of wearing em and sweaters aren't very warm unless you've got a nice coat overtop of it. That's another thing, I've never owned a coat that kept me warm.

So anywho, yet another post about nothing with a large side of whine. So in closing, I give you my list of happiness.

1) The sun.
2) Red Bull.
3) My couch.
4) My black Nike flip flops.
5) My iPod and an empty house so I can dance my ass off in private.
6) General Hospital
7) A nice patio chair with a patio table to put my feet up on.

Oh and of course my family and friends. :) I hope you all have a great Tuesday. I will be spending the day with one of my favorite pharmacists.

If I've offended you or expressed anything you don't agree with, don't worry, I'll probably do it again.


  1. Yeah it actually got up to 60 here a couple days last week. This week of course we have freezing rain and 30s. It sucks.

  2. Yah, you'd have murdered me by now with my incessant whining and stealing of your jacket. :)