I'm like a pit bull I tell ya!

Here's why.

M, my 13 year old is a smart girl. I count my blessings everyday for that. In being smart, she's very trustworthy too. I don't think she's ever told a lie her whole life and if she has, she must be a good liar. Bottom line, I trust her. I've never been given a reason not to trust her judgement.

She's the daughter of a cop too. It's almost as bad as being the daughter of a pastor. You know the old saying of those kids are the worst kind of kids. Not M. K on the other hand might be a different story but not M.

My husband and I don't overprotect her. We don't keep her from things. We don't set rules that will "protect" her from the evils of actually living and experiencing life. You can't do that. Especially with a daughter of a cop. We know the statistics and we're going to beat the odds.

So yesterday after a long and busy day at work, I get home and immediately have to go to K's "3rd grade Open House." After changing out of my red and khakis, I went outside and found M in tears. It seems the next door neighbor took it upon himself to chastise my daughter for talking to a couple boys. Nevermind that the boys were in her class. Nevermind that it's a public street. Nevermind that he had no right whatsoever to say anything to my daughter. His problem? Well, his 10 year old was standing with my daughter while she was speaking with the spawns of the devil. ((GASP))

Um.....no. I don't think so. And I was pissed. I was shaking like a leaf. So I called my husband into the back yard and told him the situation. Now my husband isn't much of a fan of boys talking to our daughter. Trust me, he was watching her and knew what was going on. But all the man had to see was I was probably going to blow this completely out of control if he didn't handle it. And he did. He went over and had a little talk with the guy.

It took me like two hours to finally calm down, and that was even after the wife came over and apologized again for what her husband did. Look, I'm not going to tell anybody how to raise their children but some of the parents on this block are fucking NUTS! It's mostly girls with the exception of a few boys. The answer to keep their daughters from the evils of boys is to inform them that they are to come inside if there's a boy present. Um.....WHAT???? Jesus, can you say 15 and pregnant in your future???

It's one thing to talk to your girls about the facts of life but basically enforcing the idea that boys are evil and should be avoided is probably the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Not to mention making everybody uncomfortable because a person isn't anatomically correct. Good lord, I live on a block with retards. Lesson taught though. Don't scold my child. Don't embarrass my child. Don't make my child cry. If you do any of these things, you will regret it.

I'm gonna end this by saying, Happy Hump Day. If you find yourself in my neighborhood and you have a penis, please tuck it away as you might be stoned to death.

If I've offended you or expressed anything you don't agree with, don't worry, I'll probably do it again.

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