It wasn't me!

I am not a religious person by any means. (Said the girl who gave up cussing for Lent) But after waking up this morning and hearing the horrible news of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and Hawaii bracing for a tsunami as well, I did my Facebook scan and conducted a roll call of sorts. The people I know are safe.

I am heartbroken at the pictures but I don't take it upon myself. I don't run around feeling the heartbreak and act like it's my personal heartbreak. That completely irks me to the point where I wanna strangle people. And don't try to make this about God. I swear, "The earth is crying, the heavens are wreaking havoc on us. We must pray to God." Are you freaking kidding me???? That person is gonna be deleted from my Facebook friends. Don't make this disaster my fault. Don't make it God's either.

I didn't shake the earth. I didn't cause the ripple in the ocean and cause the wall of water to rise. I mean my goodness. Take that bible I know you don't have at the ready and shove it up your butt! (Still not cussing)

I've have had it with people trying to shove God down my throat. My friend posted a status update about her hair falling out and some dummy replied, "You need to let God in your life." Seriously???? God is making her hair fall out? Poor God, he gets blamed for everything obviously. If I was God, I'd be pissed at all the fingers pointed in his/her direction. I sometimes picture him/her saying with his/her hands up, "Wasn't me!"

Now I wanna talk about the news. I'm one of those obsessive people that stay glued to the set watching the devastation over and over again. Since 5am this morning, the breaking news has changed every hour. It's like a horror movie. It's 8am and the tsunami has passed through Hawaii and is threatening the US West Coast. Dude, the waves weren't that bad in Hawaii from what I'm hearing....why are they trying to inflict panic in the West Coast now? What are we waiting for now? I can just imagine my Auntie grabbing her powdered milk and soup cans right now, running through the streets and screaming. Calm down Auntie, put the water jugs down, you'll pull a muscle.

I blame the news for this. They literally and visibly were disappointed Hawaii wasn't obliterated by this tsunami. What a bunch of douchebags! They'll probably commit suicide if there isn't at least one death on American soil.

Happy Friday everybody? Prepare for the "Help Japan" telethons and text JAPAN to At&T to donate. Oh and Brad Pitt? New Orleans ain't back yet.....please don't move to Japan to raise awareness.

If I've offended you or expressed anything you don't agree with, don't worry, I'll probably do it again.

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  1. I already gave $25 to the Red Cross. I gave $25 for Haiti, so there you go.