Work Ethics

Here's mine. Do you do the same thing?

1) Unless you're dead, you don't call in sick.

Now this goes with some rules. I don't think people that call in sick are losers. I just think if you overdo the calling in sick, it's kind of annoying. Oh and if it's because of a migraine....yah, I've never had one so I just think it a headache.

2) Know your schedule.

This means know everybodys schedule. Nine time out of ten, you're gonna know who these people are and how unavailable they are. If you're covering for someone, don't expect any paybacks. You are getting paid to cover for this person. You aren't doing it for free. There is no payback. You'll get your payback in the form of a check.

3) Pay attention.

This is kind of like knowing the schedule. Listen to the quips here and there. Nine times out of ten, they're talking shit behind your back. Now here's where it pays off. Don't react immediately. Save it for a rainy day and then unleash the fury. They'll never know what hit em.

4) Wear your name tag just above your boob.

Well, cause customers love it. Yah, I went there.

5) Don't be afraid to admit to your boss that you like the job.

It's not going to hurt you but right after saying it, make sure you add that you're not fitting in with the sorority of the other techs. Oh yes people, I said it. The other techs are getting on my freaking nerves sometimes but refer to rule number 3. Hold it because there is a fury coming and it will be big.

6) Finally, when walking into work, put mass amounts of chapstick on.

It works when you want to bite somebodys head off. With chapstick on, you're more prone to smoothing your lips together while exacting your revenge later.

These are so far my work ethics. I reserve the right to add on. Because trust me, these people are like Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde. I can't quite figure out whether to stake em with my words and stab em with my wrath.

Have a great Thursday! Good news! Tomorrow is Friday and I get to work with pop quiz guy. Woot! :/

If I've offended you or expressed anything you don't agree with, don't worry, I'll probably do it again.

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