Silence is Never Golden.

Yah, I know I switched it up a bit but it's true. In my Thir-thir-thirty five years of living, I've learned that a silent companion is a bad companion. Now don't get me wrong, there have been moments when I wanted to shut up the non-silent companions with a tube sock in the mouth but I'd rather they talk than be silent. Oh and if I'm being silent? Yah....ya better check the rat poison cause I'm prolly pissed off. A silent Jeanie is a very dangerous Jeanie.

Silence to me is too much time to think. Too much time to think isn't always a good thing. Over-thinking is very bad. Especially if your a dude. Dudes are rarely given the benefit for thinking at all but I think dudes are the worst in the thinking category. Women think but then it's done and over with. We've laid out our plans and gone on with life. Dudes can never let anything rest.

Tell me this? How are these humans I've aptly named dudes, the superior species? Annoying, isn't it?

I've discovered a catch phrase that I use quite often. "Get over it!" I say it to my daughter, M, all the time. She got into a fight last night with my husband, her daddy. Oh it was a doozy. M mouthed off to her dad and her dad went off! I have to admit, M deserved it. No 12 year old should talk like that to an adult. And trust me, you don't talk like that to my husband, the asshole. I've mentioned before that it's always a battle of wits and pride with that man. Add the fact that a 12 year old had backed him in the corner? Freaking mayhem. The sad thing is, my daughter has the same kind of attitude problem as my husband. She's stubborn and by god, she isn't going to admit it. Welcome to my life people....I gave birth to a female asshole. At the end of the day though, all I want to say and all I can say is, "Get over it!"

Because truly, get over it! Like last night, something highly annoying was...well, annoying me. Oh it was pathetic and ridiculous but it was really annoying me. This morning....okay, I'll admit, it's still annoying me but I'm gonna take my own advice and get over it. Trust me, I'm so much smarter than to let something pathetic and ridiculous annoy me more than a couple days. It's not worth my time. See? We truly are the superior species here. :)

Tuesday Carpool was a little somber today. It's almost over guys and we're all getting a little sad.

E was especially quiet this morning and I finally broached the subject.

Me: What's up E? You're so quiet.

E: I'm a little worried about something.

Me: Worried about what? You're 12.

E: I'm worried about my surgery.

Everybody: SURGERY???

Me: Surgery for what sweetie?

E: Um....er....::blushing::

Me: Oh jeez, you're gonna make me drag it out of you, aren't you?

E: I don't know how to explain it.

Me: Are you getting your tonsils taken out?

E: Nope.

Me: Adenoids?

E: Nope.

Me: Hair transplant?

E: Aim lower.

Me: Appendix?

E: ::blushing:: Lower.

Me: Um....er....your "no-no" box? ::snort::

E: Yes! I told M about it.

M (daughter): No you didn't! I would've remembered a conversation we had about you and your "no-no" square.

Me: Oh shit, that description keeps getting funnier and funnier. "No-no" square?

E: I did too tell you. Nice to know, my impending death by surgery wasn't anything for you to pay attention to.

M (daughter): E, I swear, I don't think you told me.

E: I did, now can we just drop it?

Me: Consider it dropped....wait....is that why you're having surgery? Something didn't "drop?"

E: ::groan:: This is going down as my worst day EVER!

Me: Oh sweetie, you're going to be fine. How many times have I opened the door practically half dressed? How many times have I embarrassed myself in front of you? You'd need like 15 hands to count that. We're all friends here. You're going to be fine. When's your surgery?

E: July 16th.

Me: That's the day after my birthday!

M2: My birthday is July 12th!

Me: July birthdays ROCK!

E: Girls suck.

And see?! The girls in the car moved one. "Got over it," so to speak. Ethan didn't. Dudes....they're all the same.

Have a great Tuesday! I'm off for three days and it's a wonderful thing!

If I've offended you or expressed anything you don't agree with, don't worry, I'll probably do it again.


  1. Totally think I got a honorable mention in this one. think I'll remain anonymASS on this one.

  2. Ya got that right anonymAZZ!

  3. i love these blogs. Has anyone ever told you what it means when you use "Z's"???