It was a Sad Goodbye....to Friday carpool.

I still have two more Tuesday carpools but today marked my last Friday carpool. Granted, I'm probably going to see E everyday this summer but even though M2 just lives down the street, I probably won't see her. Yes, it was a sad realization. I'm gonna miss those three little boogers to brighten up my every three Fridays.

Me: Hey yo M2!

M2: Hello!

Me: Any plans this weekend?

M2: My dad and brothers are going on a father/son camp out tonight so my mom and I are gonna do something girly tonight.

Me: Oh yah? Punishment over?

M2: It is for me. I've got plans this weekend with my friends and even my parents can't ruin it.

Me: There's the spirit.

::Ethan gets in the car::

Me: Hey yo E!

E: Helllloooooo Miss Jean.

M2: What are you doing this weekend?

E: Nothing exciting.

M2: Aren't you going on the father/son camp out?

E: Oh....yah. I'm going on the father/son camp out.

Me: There's the excitement of a 12 year old I love to see.

E: Oh, it'll be fun. I just kinda wish we had a weekend where we didn't have anything to do.

Me: Well, I have some bad news this morning.

Boogers: What?

Me: It's our last Friday carpool together.

M2: Awwwww, it is! But we still have two more Tuesdays left together.

E: And you dressed for the occasion too.

Me: Nah, I just put on yesterday's clothes.

E: Annnnnnd yesterday's clothes was a tube top thank God.

M2: I'm kinda gonna miss your tube tops too Miss Jean.

M (daughter): Over the summer? That's all my mom wears in the summer.

E: I love summertime.

Me: Me too.

M2: Hey M (daughter), you should take swim team, then we can still do carpool.

Me: What time is swim team?

E: 5:30am.

Me: It was nice carpooling your asses...see ya next year!

Because it might've been a sad goodbye but it was a goodbye. Miss Jean doesn't do anything before 6am.

Have a fantastic Friday! I hope your weekend is great and your Monday is slow to show up.

If I've offended you or expressed anything you don't agree with, don't worry, I'll probably do it again.

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