Here Are Some More Clues

Okay, so yesterday I gave some clues as to why I am the way I am. There was some confusion at the end if I wasn't done. Note, I am never done. Hasn't the fact that I haven't ran out of things to say on this here blog proved I am never done?

So, continuing.

My father. He's always thought I wasn't funny. He is also the one that passed on the eye roll gene to me. Funny thing is, whenever I rolled my eyes at HIM, he wanted to slap me. One thing about my father is, he'd rather be on his couch, watching his TV than anywhere else. He has his priorities and he isn't afraid to grumble when your priorities don't match his. With that quality, he has no problem saying out loud thoughts....even though they really should've remained silent.

Father: K's coach needs to shut the hell up!

Me: Dad! Her husband is right behind us.

Father: You don't think he agrees?

Me: Well maybe but that doesn't mean he won't defend her.

Father: If he does, I probably won't be able to hear him cause his wife won't shut the hell up.

Me: You're gonna make me burn some bridges today, aren't you?

Father: I've been listening to this lady scream at K for over a year. Burn baby, BURN.

My mother, you would think is the extinguisher in the relationship. Nope! She hasn't changed a thing. She knows perfectly well what she's doing to annoy my father. She is also the one woman in my life that I'm not afraid to say no to and not feel bad about. She and I have an eery relationship. We are alike in more ways than I'd like to admit. She also throws the guilt and the little spikes of disappointment like a pro.

Mother: I signed M up for a 4 hour babysitting class.

Me: What? When?

Mother: It's at the YMCA on a Saturday morning.

Me: Um....cancel that.

Mother: M said the same thing.

Me: Well jeez mom, I'm just barely getting my Saturdays back and you're signing her up for stuff?

Mother: It's all about you, isn't it?

Me: No, it's about trying to wake your 12 year old granddaughter up on a Saturday. Are you gonna do it?

Mother: No, I signed her up, you can handle the other stuff.

Me: Of course, seriously, unsign her up.

Mother: Fine! I just thought since you went back to work and "expect" M to babysit when you're not there....she might want to know how.

{{ZING}} Ah yes, that's my mother. I do love her so. :)

My sister. I rarely have conversations with her these days. She's very busy being a great mother and there ain't nothing wrong with that. Growing up, we hated each other. We couldn't tolerate a minute of each other's company. What I've learned from her is patience. When I had my girls and realized that they are the EXACT difference in age as my sister and I, I thought I was doomed. Well, I am doomed. My girls hate each other too. Well, K doesn't but she sure helps out M, giving her reasons to hate her. Now I'm not saying this is my sister's fault. My daughter M is kinda like my sister. She's sensitive, she's smart and she's logical. I appreciate my sister more because of the similarities. I pay attention to the detail of an argument between my daughters. I make sure I don't let a fight go without consequences. At the end of the day though, they still argue, they still hate each other. But what my sister has taught me is no matter what, there is and was always love there. It never goes away and it'll always be there when you need it desperately. See? Patience.

My friend G. Oh yah, she's my little dose of crazy and even bigger dose of reality. She's not afraid to tell me the truth....no matter how much it hurts. We all need friends like that. I once got a haircut. I asked G if she liked it. G said, "Kind of but I like it longer." Well shit! I was crushed. What was I supposed to do? Hurry up and grow it overnight? But that's my friend G. She has her faults. She has her idiosyncrasies. But most of all, she has my back. She'll never let me make a mistake without saying, "I told ya so!" She'll never let me fall without saying, "You got dirt on your ass." She has shown me what it means to have somebody I can depend on. I never feel used. I never feel slighted. I just feel loved. And that is what a friend is supposed to do.

I have many friends. Friends that I've known since I was a tween like my daughter. Friends that I made promises to and still, to this day, I've kept. Friends that at a moments notice, they'd hop on an airplane and rescue me....if I needed rescuing. I'm a very lucky girl.

So today, on this lovely Tuesday, worthy of a yellow tube top, think of who you can blame for the person you've become. And for the confused one....this ain't done but I am done for today. Have a great day.

If I've offended you or expressed anything you don't agree with, don't worry, I'll probably do it again.

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