I promise....

...to not turn this blog into a diabetic diary. Yah, it's going to be mine and my daughter's life but as I've heard over and over this week, "Your dreams don't end with diabetes," my blog will still be here for me to vent my frustrations. And holy shit, do I have some frustrations!

Today's is a little late and I apologize. M came home today. I am somewhat happy and scared to have her home. I stated on my Facebook status update that I was the proud owner of a diabetic but with that comes my fear. I am responsible for her health now. Wasn't I responsible for it before? Well, yes, but now I can seriously do some damage. That scares the shit out of me. Any glitch and I am personally responsible for quite possibly damaging this little one. Oh the pressure!

She looks great! It's amazing how "well" she looks now. With the medicine, I actually could see how sick she looked before. Her little pot belly is coming back. Her cheeks are puffing out a bit. Her tiny little double chin in starting to peek out. I kind of missed her and it's nice to have her back.

Okay, lemme tell you how proud of her I am. She is so brave. While I teared up with every milestone of this disease, she just shrugged her shoulders and got over it. Her main complaint was being hungry. She had a hamburger and onion rings at almost every meal. Diabetes isn't about not eating, lemme tell ya! And thank the lord because this girl can eat! With my pride of how brave she is, I was also privileged to witness how strong she was. Here ya go people, take a glimpse and let her inspire you.

M (daughter): Can we go to the gift shop?

Me: Sure but I ain't got any money.

M (daughter): Not even for your newly diagnosed diabetic daughter???

Me: Not even for her sweetie, but I sure do love my diabetic daughter and how she's already using the system of guilt on me.

Our friend brought her over a gift tonight and the gift was earrings. They were beautiful but M doesn't have pierced ears.

Me: It's okay M, we can exchange em for maybe a necklace.

Husband: Oh, they for pierced ears?

M (daughter): Yah.

Husband: Well since you're not playing soccer anymore you can get em pierced.

M (daughter): That wasn't why I didn't have em pierced dad. I was scared of the needle. I guess that excuse goes out the window now....insulin shot anyone?

And finally.

Me: I gotta go pick up your prescriptions. Try to drink that Dr. Pepper please.

M (daughter): How much did it cost?

Me: You don't wanna know.

M (daughter): Sure I do, how much?

Me: $244 and some change.

M (daughter): Sorry about that mom.

Me: What are you sorry about? That doesn't even compare to the thousands of dollars these past 3 days are gonna cost us!

M (daughter): The food was good though.

Me: And I got you home safe and sound. I would've spent a million dollars for that.

M (daughter): Ohhhhhhhh, I think I need my blood sugar checked....Ima vomit!

I hope your Friday was as good as mine was. I got my baby girl home and that was the best part of this week. Have a fantastic weekend and be safe!

If I've offended you or expressed anything you don't agree with, don't worry, I'll probably do it again.

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