It Can't Get Better....Than This?

Have you ever woken up, looked around and thought, "Is this it?"

My friend did that and a year later, she was divorced. She's had her ups and downs after that day but I think she's happier for it. Her ex-husband isn't very nice to her. She always says that true stripes come out when times get tough. I think I 50% agree with her.

Look at it this way, sure he might be an asshole to her right now but she left him. Is he supposed to be all warm and gushy inside for her? Plus, he's a man and men aren't required to be nice to you if you've slapped them across the face with reality. Men aren't required to do anything actually.

I have never woken up and thought that though. Every day, there's always something new. I don't get tired of the mood swings from my tween. I don't tire from my youngests latest shenanigans. Oh and my husband is constantly changing. How could he not be surprising? He's a huntin' redneck Filipino.

I am also me. I try to find something every day to appreciate. In regards to my tween, I appreciate how she always says, "Hi mom, what did you do today?" Any tween interested in an adult always deserves a little appreciation. Regarding my little one, I appreciate how she'll always want a cuddle no matter who's looking. And finally, my redneck husband. I appreciate how he'll always argue with me about anything, no matter how wrong he is.

Him: Don't you think M is getting too skinny?

Me: I've taken a poll and the consensus is, she's fine.

Him: What's with the attitude?

Me: I don't have an attitude but it really bugs the shit out of me how if I had said M was getting too skinny, you would've told me I was being a worry wart and M was fine.

Him: So lemme get this. You're pissed that I took an interest and am concerned. That's selfish.

Me: Selfish? That makes no sense.

Him: It makes perfect sense. You want to be the concerned parent and if I try to be one, you don't like it.

Me: That's not being selfish.

Him: Yes it is. It makes perfect sense.

Me: In your world, do you always make sense? Cause in my world, you don't know bupkiss.

Him: Actually in my world, you apologize and admit you're wrong.

Me: Well luckily, I'm not in your world. It requires a warped sense of reality and balls the size of raisins. I have too big of balls to get into your world.

Him: See? Selfish.

Me: What? You wanna borrow my balls? Only if you promise to give em back.

Him: So you don't think M is too skinny?

Ah, never a dull moment I tell ya. Have a great Hump Day! I'm off to work today and really wish I was home napping.

If I've offended you or expressed anything you don't agree with, don't worry, I'll probably do it again.

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