You'd think I'd be more prepared.

Okay, so at 4am this morning, I wake up. I sleep with a sound machine. All of us do. It sometimes sounds like a tornado or hurricane in this house to a stranger with all the wind, ocean and rain coming from our rooms. I never had to sleep to noise until I had babies. Damn kids, they ruin everything.

So I wake up because my sound machine turned off. Too quiet to sleep. Yes, I know, I'm weird. And as I punched the sound machine in vain trying to turn it back on, I realize, it's awfully dark in the house.

Like some stranger crept behind me and said, "Boo!" I jumped out of bed and thought, "Holy shit, no way....they turned my power off!!!"

My second thought?

It was nice knowing everybody....my husband is going to freaking kill me!!!

I was in a panic. I was frantically dialing the power company. "All lines are busy, please try your call again." I kept going outside to see if anybody else in the neighborhood had lights. (I was totally aware that most people were probably sleeping through this) When I finally got through to the power company, I plugged my account number in and held my breath.

"We are aware of a mass outage in your area." (Click)

Even then, I couldn't help thinking that the mass outage could've been because other people got their power shut off. Gimme a break, it was early...I was still preparing for death by husband.

An hour and a half later to be exact, the power turned back on and all was right in my world. Except I really still need to pay this electric bill. Did I?

No. I haven't quite gotten that gift yet where I can actually shit out money. Come on pay day, momma needs to stay alive another month!

Have a great Tuesday! I ain't got shit to do and I plan on doing that perfectly.

If I've offended you or expressed anything you don't agree with, don't worry, I'll probably do it again.

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  1. My power went out Sunday night (or Monday morning) thanks to a thunderstorm. But that's why I set my bill to pay itself automatically.