I am never alone.

Seriously, nobody is. If you feel alone, you're just choosing to be alone. I always have somebody to reach out to or keep me company. It can be anybody but I've got my favorites. I think I'm a favorite on some other people's list too.

What about the oblivious nature of people that want to be in your life that you don't see? Nnnnnnnnnnnnope, not me. I see everybody. I pay attention. I think more people should pay attention. There would be a lot less people in the world with frowns on their faces.

Is this just me? Am I the only person that finds the silver lining in a shitty situation? Let me clarify, life hands out shitty situations all the time, people contribute to the shitty situation. What do you do to get out of the shitty situation? Depends, right?

You can either bathe in the shit or grab some soap.

I'd like to think the better choice is to grab the soap. DON'T BEND OVER TO GET IT THOUGH! Cause life will screw you that way too.

I love Fridays. It's an end. It was that light at the end of the tunnel. It's the day that means my family isn't passing each other and grunting hellos along the way. We can take a moment to say hi and actually have a conversation. I think that's the most important thing. Actually asking the question, "How was your week?" Giving a shit, so to speak. Cause the week is gone. It's ovah! It's all behind you now. Find your light. Find your moment. Just take one second to look around and see who's there. It might surprise you.

There might be someone standing there with his/her hand out for you to hold if you need it. And it's like the forgotten or missed high-five. It hurts if you're the one standing there with your hand out and nobody takes it. And next time? They ain't gonna be there anymore.

I feel like Jack Handy today. :) Have a fabulous weekend. It'll be over before we know it.

If I've offended you or expressed anything you don't agree with, don't worry, I'll probably do it again.


  1. "If you feel alone, you're just choosing to be alone. "


  2. Aw, come on Mutt. You think there are people out there that have nobody to turn to? I can't imagine. There is always somebody close by, some people just choose not to turn to those people. Choice. :)

  3. You lecturing me on loneliness is like when Madonna or some other celebrity with a gazillion dollars tells people they don't need possessions to be happy.

    You're way out of your depth here.

  4. Shiate! I just pulled an Angelina Jolie saying mothering is easy while her 18 nannies just picked up her 6 kids.

    Point taken Mutt. :)