I actually have stuff to do today. SHOCKER!

I hate that! Your days off are inundated with crap. I guess I'm lucky that I have em so I can do em without being a toolbox that needs to take a day off but still, I just kinda wanted to lay on the couch all day. Not gonna happen though.

Ugh, my husband and I watched like 2 episodes of Deadliest Catch last night. We've watched this show forever. It's almost an obsession with us. Those guys that are human yet so trashy are like family to us. Well, for awhile now we've been wondering if they were going to have when Captain Phil dies and last night....they started the making of it. I was crying like a baby. I know he's gonna die. But the show is coming off as he might survive the massive stroke. He isn't.

I'm such a softy, I know. SHOCKER! But I'm getting to an age now where death is imminent for some people. A few of my friends can relate. Losing your father or mother is probably my biggest fear. Watching it happen is even harder. My husband's father used to live with us in San Diego. He had a massive stroke too. We were the one's that caught it. We were the one's that flew him to the hospital. We were the one's that pondered the what-ifs of what to do next. It isn't something anybody should have to go through.

I can honestly say, my husband leaned on me and I was there to stay strong so he wouldn't fall. Going back home in June was heart breaking if not relieving. His dad is still alive, thank god. But time is ebbing away and I don't know how my husband will survive it when it happens.

So at the end of the show, watching Captain Phil's sons lean on each other, my husband looked at me and said, "Don't ever leave me."

Why did he say that?

Because he knows it's coming.

What did I say?

I just smiled through my pathetic tears of watching strangers hug it out like I know them like family and said, "I never have."

Annnnnnnnd, then I said, "You're like a fungus that'll never go away."

Humor....it's my crutch during moments of sincerity.

Have a great Tuesday people!

If I've offended you or expressed anything you don't agree with, don't worry, I'll probably do it again.


  1. Humor is my crutch too so I'll have to find a good knock-knock joke or something.

  2. It's my curse. You can always count on me to say something inappropriate during a time of silence just to lighten the mood.