I was running late this morning....:/

Of all days to have a midnight storm and a vibrating dog....it's the day of a MONDAY! Seriously, my dog vibrates. And luckily, she crawls in your lap. ::evil grin:: But if it's 3am in the morning....GET OFF OF ME!!!!

So, it wasn't a very restful night. I managed to scream and yell at my kids to the point of them vibrating, but we got off to school and work on time.

I walked into work and I swear to god, it was a freaking mess. The weekend pharmacist, who was also the Monday pharmacist, still had auto-fills from the weekend to do. Add the 60 autofills from this morning and she was already 100+ prescriptions behind from filling. I downed my Red Bull and never looked at the clock. There was so much shit upon shit to do that it took most of my morning to finally get to the regular shit I had to do.

I love days like that. It zipped right to lunch time and never slowed down. I was the envy with my new scrub top. Red of course....with pockets. I love my pockets. I couldn't keep my hands out of them. When I left work tonight, I had 5 pens in em. By Thursday, I'll probably had tripled that.

My husband greeted me with a homemade dinner and brand new fuzzy slippers. Oh....and he cleaned the bathroom too! Man oh man, it's like freaking Christmas morning on this Monday evening. And before any of you think, he's not looking for anything in return. I pretty much kicked ass this weekend taking care of the kids and keeping them out of his hair while he worked and rested....I totally deserved this. It's a give, give here. I promised him some Chicken Spaghetti on Friday and he offered to take Thursday and Friday off to spend time with us. Give/Give. :)

So tomorrow, I'm prolly gonna walk into another mess or a mess that's about to happen. The relief pharmacist has a "system" that sucks. Basically it's double the work and not really productive. I do have to give him one thing....when none of the technicians moved to help a customer....his ass gets there in a timely manner. Good boy Tim. Good boy. Now shut up and get off my computer terminal!

Hope you all had a great Monday! I know I'm glad mine is over....it's barely 7:30pm and I'm already in my PJ's, wrapped in a blanket and drifting off to sleep. Damn, I'm gooooooooood.

If I've offended you or expressed anything you don't agree with, don't worry, I'll probably do it again.

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