I am no Norma Rae....or whatever her name was.

You know? The lady that fought for union rights? Or was it just women's rights in the work place? Ah, forget it. The analogy is ruined since I have no idea who I'm analogizing.

Yesterday, I had visions of myself fighting for my rights to bitch slap my boss and quit. Granted, I was sick and very miserable so my vision was a little blurry but damn it would've been good. Stupid Sudafed slowed me down though. I did not quit. I instead came home and complained to my poor husband who in my opinion is sick of hearing about it.

"You've been saying the same thing since March. Either tell the prick to shove it or shut up about it."

He's totally right. I have been complaining about him since March. It's time to put up or shut up. The problem with me though, and it's quite an annoying problem actually, I tend to cry during confrontations. NOT because I'm a big baby and he's made me cry, but because that's just me. I get teary eyed, my voice starts to crack and it's humiliating. I do NOT want to cry in front of this man. He will NOT think he beat me to tears.

So what do I do?

And in my opinion, if even my own co-workers admit that he treats me differently, something is a little off in this situation. And what pisses me off more is he's asked if I was available for MORE hours!!! Um.....no. If you can't even admit to me and treat me with a tad bit more respect, why in thee hell would I do you any favors? But seriously, how does a girl, who cries when confronted or confronts, actually tell her boss that she thinks he's a real asshole? In a nice way of course.

Have a great Tuesday everybody! I have off tomorrow but will be jumping from doctor appointment to doctor appointment with M. And a better plus at my Tuesday??? I'm working with the other pharmacist today. Dennis Hopper will be nowhere in my area. :) Girls rule.

If I've offended you or expressed anything you don't agree with, don't worry, I'll probably do it again.


  1. Hang tough, honey. And if you do decide to slap the shit out of him, post pics.

  2. To borrow from Homer Simpson: You don't quit if you don't like your job. You just go in there everyday and do it really half-assed. That's the American Way!

    Really I've been dogging it for about six years now and my boss is a total bitch.

  3. Well, I'm loaded with Sudafed again today with nobody to bitch slap. And my problem with the half-ass way is even when I'm doing my best and kicking works ass....it's still not good enough. He actually gets the giggles when I make the occasional mistake. He'd probably die from laughing if I made more mistakes.

    But I'm not a quitter but it would've felt fantastic yesterday at 11am to walk out and make him actually work instead of asking if I'd done the million things he wanted me to do on top of the regular Monday shit. :)