Exceeds Expectations

So yesterday I was pleasantly surprised with my 90 day review. First lemme tell ya, I can believe I've lasted 90 days working again. Lemme tell ya secondly, this job has literally saved my sanity over the past month.

The idea of working in pharmacy saving your sanity is quite an oxymoron. (I looked it up, it's the right word!) I'm constantly surrounded with sick people, impatient people, spazzy people and through all of that, I embrace the insanity. There are only two choices on the review. Exceeds expectations and doesn't meet expectations. I got all exceeds.

As I sat there, I kept thinking about the day my friend helped me get the job. Nowhere in my head did I think I would really "need" this job. I just wanted to get out of the house. Today, 90 days later, I really "need" this twice a week retreat from the daily grind of life. It's kind of nice to be pushed into another life where you don't have an insulin bottle shoved in your face or a sheet of paper to write down carbs and pray you have enough food to reach that magic number 85. Instead, I just do what I'm supposed to do and get paid for it.

We were quite busy in the morning in spite of a lull in pharmacy land called "summertime" ghost town. By the time it was my lunch, we started to taper down. There were no more prescriptions to count. There were no more insurance problems to call on. I got sent home early. This was a gift though. My youngest K had a soccer game, I had a family to feed and this gift gave me an extra 2 hours to get ready for it.

So as my husband came home from a 24 hour shift of regular work and part time work, I had dinner in the oven, my K was dressed in her soccer gear and I had Red Bull in the fridge for my husband later on. Poor guy only got to sleep like 4 hours before he had to go back into work. I'm running circles around these people but I've already said to all of em, "Don't get used to it!" Because I ain't Superwoman and this is going to start pissing me off soon. :)

K played goalie for her first half and played forward the second half. McKinney FC won! It was good to see some soccer again...with the buzzing of those World Cup horns.

Me: You were awesome tonight!

K: I let 2 goals in.

Me: Oh good god, you're just like your daddy. What about the 4+ goals you saved?

K: I still let in 2 goals.

Me: And how many goals did you make?

K: 2.

Me: So you made up for em. Shut up.

K: Did you see that one I made with my left foot?

Me: The slider? Yah, did you see me almost fall off the bleachers cause I got my feet tangled when I jumped up to cheer?

K: No, I'm sorry I missed that.

Me: Was Coach J proud of you?

K: Yah, he kept telling all the girls to watch me and follow me. He's gonna make me the most hated player on the team.

Me: Why? Cause he keeps making me an example?

K: No, because....wait....what does example mean?

Me: It means he's putting you on a pedestal and making the other girls feel like they aren't good enough.

K: Yah.....he's making me an example.

Me: I'll talk to him about it. Nobody will hate you baby.

K: Wear a tube top when you talk to him....that seems to work when you want something.

Me: You got it kid. :)

Have a great Tuesday everybody! I'm off to the hospital with M today for her first endocrinologist meeting. God I hate hospitals. :(

If I've offended you or expressed anything you don't agree with, don't worry, I'll probably do it again.


  1. I've been on my job for 8+ years now. Argh.

  2. I haven't been with one company more than at least 6 years. I think I'd kill myself with one company for the rest of my life.