I used to love this whole blog stuff!!

So I took a stroll down memory lane today and one of the roads I took lead me to this blog. Oh man, I can't believe how many posts I have. Can I talk or what? You know how this feels? It feels like that friend you run into after a decade has passed and you feel so exhausted at how much you have to talk about to catch them up on you and your life. All of that, PLUS the underlying guilt you feel for letting all the time pass between you. I have quite a few friends I don't see regularly. I have about a handful that can start up like no time has passed at all. This blog is not that friend. This blog already feels like that one friend that keeps giving me the stink eye. Screw you blog! Take that guilt and blow it out your ass. Anywho!! My husband is still my husband. My daughter M still has type 1 diabetes but still kicking it's ass. My younger daughter K is still my mini me but has came up with a few things to confuse me. I am still that sweet and fun loving girl you all remember. (I can't believe I managed to type that out) I still work part time as a pharmacy technician. I make pretty good money but don't feel like work owns my ass. Reading my past posts I can honestly say I'm in a much better place when it comes to work. (Shut up y'all, I'm much better!!) I have my moments but who doesn't?? I'd like to think if I went missing, almost everybody who saw me at work, would throw a tantrum. See?!?! Sweet and fun loving dammit! M is a junior now and doing everything a junior does. She drives. She has a boyfriend. She sleeps all the time. She's always asking for money. Another thing about M is she never goes to bed without giving me a kiss and she never leaves for school without telling me goodbye and holding my hand. I'd say I couldn't be prouder of her but that'd be a huge lie. She is constantly showing me and her dad how great a woman she is and will continue to be. As some of you know, we were thrown a curve ball almost 5 years ago with M but as I said 5 years ago, I'll say it again, Diabetes won't define who M is. She is everything I've ever wanted her to be and it had nothing to do with diabetes. K is a 7th grader and probably has a better social like than M and I combined. She still plays soccer. She still doesn't know when to shut up. She still tries to be the funniest person in the room even if that room isn't looking for a comedy act. (My dad is totally laughing at me right now because this description could've been my description 27 years ago) If there's one thing about K that is all hers, it's her dedication to whatever is put in her way and she's told she couldn't do it. I'll admit, I'm usually the one telling her she can't do it so I imagine it's her way to make mom wrong. She's proven me wrong a lot over the last couple of years. Guys, she placed 3rd place in the hurdles last week! Hurdles! She had been a forward in soccer since the age of 7 and this last season she tried out a defender position and freaking rocked! I love this about K though. She's never afraid to try new and scary stuff. This girl of ours isn't somebody you want to run into in a dark alley. She is a beast. My husband still works too much but that's not a complaint. As you can see, these girls are bleeding us dry and he adores his girls and loves to give them the things they need or want. Before anybody jumps on me and says we're raising spoiled brats, shut it. They're honor roll students. They won't be treated rough or differently until they prove they deserve that kind of treatment. Trust me, having a dad who is a police officer, isn't an easy ride. He automatically considers them guilty rather than being innocent. He is convinced that any day now we are going to be blindsided by a teenager. I'm also a little surprised how easy it's been so far. Don't tell him I said this but when my girls have made a mistake, I've buried it deep from him. Like when K broke her iPhone screen...for the 3rd time. Or the time K lost her soccer ball...while playing an actual game. Oh I got tons of these! It's just easier than letting him put his badge on and acting like a cop instead of "daddy." Okay, so, you've been caught up. I kinda want to keep up on this blog so hopefully I won't be doing this dance in another 3 years but if I do, hold the guilt trip and bite me. This girl has an 8-5 tomorrow. If I go to sleep now, I'll have about 7 hours of sleep. Just enough to be my sweet and fun loving self. If I've offended you or expressed anything you don't agree with, don't worry, I'll probably do it again.

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