Sowwy I've been MIA...

So, it's been awhile. Sorry about that. I can't really say it's because I've been so busy. It's actually the complete opposite. It seems like everybody in my family is busy and I'm just trying to find something worthy of appearing productive. I am no longer employed at Target. I'm gonna refrain from the story because it's not really worth my effort to explain it....plus, it'll just make me mad. Let's just say, Buzz proved to be exactly who he always was. I will always love Target as a company though. I met some pretty fantastic people there and plan on keeping in touch with them. Buzz will never see my prescription money again and if I never see him again, that'll make me happy. I was off for about 6 weeks this summer and quickly realized, I am not cut out to stay home. I will literally sit on my ass and then be depressed about it when I go to bed. Do you ever wake up and all you really wait for is it to be acceptable to go to bed again? Well, that was me for 6 weeks. I wouldn't say I was clinically depressed but prolly a little self-diagnosed depressed. :) Over the summer, the family went to Maui for the wedding of my brother-in-law to a girl I'm very excited to call my sister. It was a beautiful affair. Expensive as fuck, but beautiful none the less. It was a family reunion of all of my favorite family members. No drama. No fights. Just a lot of laughs and fun. The hiccup of the trip was in order for us to afford the trip we drove 16 hours to Phoenix to catch a flight to Maui. Not bad driving there but oh my god, coming home was a battle. NOT a good way to end a relaxing vacation. In fact, I wouldn't recommend it to my worst enemy....or Buzz. :) My diabetic wonder went to Camp Sweeney again for 2nd session and had a blast. Made a lot of friends and came home with no boyfriends. My youngest mini-me went to New Hampshire with my mom for 3 weeks and visited with my sister and her brood. The mini-me has also graduated to competitive soccer and is now in Liverpool. Yet another expense added onto the list. In closing of this post, I've now been hired at Tom Thumb, a Safeway company. It's the same place I started when we moved to Texas while my husband searched for a police department. Same old boss which is quite the perk cause I absolutely adore him and his spazzy way of managing. He's definitely not a Buzz...kill. So I don't know if posting on here will be normal but I'm gonna try my best to keep it up. Next post will be about my 20th high school reunion.... If I've offended you or expressed anything you don't agree with, don't worry, I'll probably do it again.

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  1. Good thing you found a new job. That's always an accomplishment in this economy.