I rarely lie. If I say something, 98% of the time, I am being truthful and completely mean what I've said. Examples? K and I had to run to Zales today at the Allen Outlets and lemme tell ya, being at any outlet on the weekend is probably #1 on my list of "Don't wanna do." I ran into Gwen from my old Target days. We did the glance, look away, glance again, oh my god it's you! She looks fantastic. I gave her the biggest hug. Not one of those hugs you're thinking about. Those hugs you give and before you stop hugging you make that conscious decision not to let go yet. There's not that many moments in your life for a hug like that. I can tell you there's been a handful of hugs I decided I needed just a little longer of a hug. I've hugged my sister like that. I've hugged my mom like that. And yah, I've even hugged my husband like that. It's an undeniable need to stop time and hold onto that one moment before it's gone. I haven't seen Gwen for almost 3 years and I just knew seeing her today was truly a gift I'd probably not get again for awhile. Now back to "rarely lying." Megan's car screams. No seriously, it screams! The belt needs replaced. That's all I got. It screams because it needs a new belt. It's been doing this for a long time. In fact, our neighbors use it as an alarm clock of sorts. They hear that noise and that's a cue to go to bus stop, wake up or start getting ready. Every morning at 6:30am, Monday through Friday, Megan has either started her car or there's a pack of wild boars being massacred. What pisses me off here is I guarantee you if my husband's car made this noise when he was in high school it's been fixed before it made that sound a second time. So tonight I told one of those rare lies that got me this text. "I have off on Monday so I promise it'll be fixed before she has to go to school on Tuesday. It only took him 7 months to make that promise and it took one of my "rare" lies to get it done. I'd apologize to my neighbors but I'm gonna wait until Tuesday morning before I throw all my eggs in a basket. There's still plenty of time for his "rare" lie of, "I think I fixed it." We've been duped by that quite a few times. My husband is quite handy though. He's fixed quite a few things that would've otherwise broke us. Lately though he's decided he doesn't want to be handy anymore. Wherein before if our fence blew over he'd be out there the next day pouring concrete and reassembling that fence. Or our air conditioner breaks and he's up in the attic sweating his ass off changing something. Or even more miraculous, our TV screen looks like we should have 3D glasses on to enjoy the show, he's solder ironing something and voila, it's fixed. Now? We have a new fence that cost us a fortune, our A/C unit was replaced which was a small fortune and he honestly just threw away a TV I'm convinced wasn't garbage. I get it, you're like Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon and are getting too old for this shit but can we maybe space out these small fortunes you spend because you don't wanna get your worn out hands dirty? And if your daughter is driving a car that screams for over 7 months, at least be honest with yourself knowing you'd never of let that happen to you 25 years ago. "Kinda fixed it," my ass. I will say this though, he is extremely hard working and would do anything to get us what we needed. He always answers any want or wish with a, "Get it!" My M actually said the other day how dad has made any expectations she's had for a boyfriend or husband way outta reach. She didn't say it because of something dad bought or gave to one of us. She said it after watching him lean down for a kiss with all his gear on and all I did was pucker my lips. That's my husband y'all! He's done nothing but undeniably love me for over 26 years and I'll take his Danny Glover impersonation every day for just that reason. Now who wants a hug??? If I've offended you or expressed anything you don't agree with, don't worry, I'll probably do it again.

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