What do I do now?

Okay, those that know me understand my obsessive behavior. I'm a moody girl that can change in a flash. Trust me, my husband really does love me. I haven't quite figured out why but I'll take what I can get. So here I was about four weeks ago, writing another manuscript. I could, on a good day, averaged 5,000 words in the manuscript. I was shooting for a full novel at 80,000 words. I did it in three weeks. I'd write like a maniac all day and when my husband got home, I'd stop. Hey, someone had to cook dinner and pay attention to the money-maker in the family. My best friend, who is my brother-in-law came down for a visit and I still got in some writing. I'd wake up early and write until the bedroom door opened.

So, I'm done. I love the manuscript and I even whipped out a query letter. Not so hard when you're on your second manuscript. I was such a virgin before but my cherry's been popped and I'm on it now. I even discovered a new style of writing that I got into. I'd like to call it quirky, yet not annoying. Even tried writing in past tense instead of present tense. LOVED THAT! I discovered I could write a book where all the characters were liked and I could even write some suspense. I discovered that when the people that read my rough manuscript called halfway through their read threatening, "It better not be..."

Okay, so here I am, wondering what to do now? Usually I'd put the completed manuscript high up and unreachable and let it stew. Kind of like marinating. I've gotta forget about it and do something else. I've got countless ideas in my head for a new manuscript. Should I start another one? Should I put the love I have for this last manuscript on hold and just pound away at the keyboard with another one? I did that last time and stopped because I'm obsessive.

And also, I've given this rough manuscript out to a bunch of people. Most I truly love and most I'm starting to love again. Facebook is my reunion center! And I'm not stupid enough not to get that these people are saying they love my book because they don't have the fangs of real critics but they all like the parts I loved. I can't be crazy enough to think that if they're excited about the parts I was excited about, they're not loving it to be nice. Right?

Oh, another pointless rant about nothing. I know but I think I'll just chalk this up to moody AND annoying. I've gotta hit the bookstore today and get the new Sookie Stackhouse book. Surprisingly, I'm obsessed with vampire books and I don't write about vampires. I'm not that good! Maybe I'll start another manuscript...that oughta piss Sparkman off. Or on top of being pissed, it might actually kick him in the butt to finally start on his "Work in Progress" that he teased me with months ago but hasn't finished!!!!!! I completely understand how being a stay-at-home mother with plenty of free time can't possibly compare to being a working man with an actual job...get on it Sparkman! I wanna find out if Harbor is a transvestite!

If I've offended you or expressed anything you don't agree with, don't worry, I'll probably do it again.

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  1. I'm up to 57 pages, and I've just plotted the next chunk. Now I just need a clone to do my busy work so I can write it all down.