So it's Monday and my Mondays aren't like most Mondays. I don't work so I never get the Monday blues but I do have to drag my ass out of bed to take the girls to school. That bites but if that's the only thing I can complain about...nobody is going to pity me.

So after my writer's net peeps obliterated my dreams of having the perfect synopsis and then my mother comes over with my synopsis completely blacked out with ink...okay, I'll admit it, it sucked. So I rewrote it today and I think it's a thousand times better. I actually did take those assholes from writers.net seriously and followed some of their advice...and don't tell her but my mom totally rocked with her edits too! Did I repost on writers.net? Hell no! I can't take anymore criticism from strangers...I did however sent it to my mommy though!

Do you know what else Monday brings me? Silence. The kids are at school and the sounds of a clicking keyboard are like heaven to me. Occasionally, it'll get so silent that I'll have to put my iPod on and listen to some Metallica but today is not one of those days. Today, it's silent. And I love it. The synopsis is done in my mind, at least until my mommy calls but it's done for at least a couple more hours. Oh and except for the occasional text message ring from my phone, I can almost hear an agent out there saying to her/himself, "Am I ever going to get a book about some typical, unhappy, whore housewife? I can sell that kind of book!"

If I've offended you or expressed anything you don't agree with, don't worry, I'll probably do it again.

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